Mistakes made when trying to ground yourself – Part Two

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

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Spiritual people often talk about the need to “ground yourself” but what does this really mean and how do you know if you need grounding?

In my last post, you discovered the signs that you are ungrounded. In this second in a series of three articles, you can avoid the mistakes people make when trying to ground themselves.

Being ungrounded happens when we spend a lot of time meditating or being out of the flow of life or even out of our bodies. It’s essential to get connected to our spiritual source for inspiration and guidance, but we then need to bring those insights back into the real world and implement them. We need to ground our spiritual visions.

Being ungrounded stops you from functioning effectively in the real world. It’s great to be spiritual, but even more important to effectively use your spiritual wisdom to make changes to the world and your life.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by spiritual people, and even taught by spiritual teachers in an attempt to become grounded.

1. Meditate

Meditating simply takes you OUT of the physical reality. To ground yourself, you need to do something that brings you IN to the physical. Meditating does not do this, instead it takes you into your imaginative mind and dreams.

2. Sit with it

I’ve often heard spiritual people or even teachers recommending “sitting with it” as a way to try to ground yourself. But “sitting with it” doesn’t bring you into the physical reality. It’s neither specific enough nor is it active enough. Although it IS important to come back to physical reality slowly, at some point you will have to stop sitting and start moving about.

3. Contemplate

As with “sitting with it” contemplation takes you back into your mind and imagination, which is the opposite of bringing you back into your body. In fact, it keeps you OUT of your physical body.

4. Planning and thinking things through

Yes, planning and thinking things through is important, but it’s not the best way to start to ground yourself or your spiritual vision. It’s just not active enough. In management training there is a phenomenon known as the “planning trap” where individuals or a team become paralysed by over-planning and making sure they know ALL the steps to the whole process before they take any action. This is a surefire way to never get anything done.

5. Use a grounding visualisation or guided visualisation

This couldn’t be more wrong. When you are ungrounded you are OUT of your body and in your imaginative mind. You’re in the world of your thoughts and dreams. The very last thing you need to do is more imagining. Imagining you are grounded will only keep you out of the physical and in your mind. It’s not active enough and doesn’t involve your body.

So – now you know what NOT to do. I’m sure you’ve experienced some of these or had them recommended to you. Like me, you probably wondered why they didn’t work. The bottom line is that you need to get into your body.

In the last article in this series, which you’ll find in my next newsletter, you can discover exactly what you need to do to ground yourself simply and effectively.


Dr Lisa Turner

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