Signs that you are ungrounded – Part One

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Spiritual people often talk about the need to “ground yourself”, but what does this really mean and how do you know if you need grounding?

Being ungrounded happens when we spend a lot of time meditating or being out of the flow of life or even out of our bodies. It’s essential to get connected to our spiritual source for inspiration and guidance, but we then need to bring those insights back into the real world and implement them. We need to ground our spiritual visions.

Being ungrounded stops you from functioning effectively in the real world.

It’s great to be spiritual, but even more important to effectively use your spiritual wisdom to make changes to the world and your life.

Here are some clear signs that you’re ungrounded…

1. You feel spacey or even a little dizzy

When you’ve been meditating or doing any energy work, your energy body or presence is literally outside of your physical body. Hence, the term “out of body”. This makes you feel very spacey. The spaceyness you feel is the space inside your physical body which is usually filled by your energy body. What you feel is the vacuum or space left when your energy body vacates and is still floating about somewhere in space. Even if you don’t feel this yourself, you might notice that you seem invisible to others. This is because, energetically, you’re not really THERE. So others will react as if you’re not there.

2. You find it hard to finish tasks

You set out to do one thing but then find yourself doing something else all together. Did you plan to open a document on your computer but find yourself on the Internet? Were you about to make a snack, but found yourself loading the dishwasher instead?

3. You can’t concentrate

You may notice this especially when trying to do tasks that require you to hold a series of steps in your head. If you can’t manage to recall more than one or two steps, or keep getting stuck at the same point, this is a sign you are ungrounded.

Also, if you are reading and you find that you’ve read the same sentence over and over but still don’t know what it said.

4. You find it hard to make yourself understood

You’re trying to explain something or retell an experience but people simply stare blankly at you. They just don’t get what you are trying to say. You repeat yourself. You start sentences but don’t finish them or change topic half way through.

5. You find it hard to understand others

You can hear the words. You understand the meaning of each individual word, but have no clue about the overall message. You simply cannot understand what other people are saying to you. You stare back blankly, wondering what they are talking about.

People ask you a question and you don’t even realise they’ve spoken or you may answer with a completely different question or totally inappropriately.

There seems to be no connection between what’s going on inside your mind and the outside world. You might also find it hard to keep up with the conversation, not realising that others have moved on to a different subject, so you’re always one or two topics behind.

6. You get distracted or your mind wanders

You start to do something, and then find yourself doing something else entirely. You walk into a room and can’t remember what you came in for. You realise you’re holding something but can’t remember why. For example, your car keys, even though you don’t remember deciding to go out or where you might have been going to.

7. You lose track of time

This can cause you to be either late or early. You’re just not in the same time zone as everyone else. You are not only out of your body, you are out of time as well. Time travel is an important and useful spiritual tool (similar to bi-location), but you must be able to re-enter the NOW. When your attention and energy is on the past or future, you will be out of the NOW and “out of time”. Your presence is not in the present. As with #1 you might seem invisible to others. It’s because you are not really there.

So – How grounded are you?

The above are just a few of the most obvious signs that you are not grounded and that your energy body and presence isn’t fully in your physical body. You might notice similarities with jet lag, being drunk or under the influence of certain drugs. This is no accident as all of those will also cause your energy body to move out of your physical body or alter your consciousness.


Dr Lisa Turner

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