ReCET Yourself

Learn to quickly clear blocks, limitations, and emotional pain from the past using the power of Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET).

Experience the Revolutionary Healing Technology of CET

CET is a psycho-spiritual modality that permanently removes past trauma, emotional pain, and blocks from your neurology in a matter of hours, where other techniques might take months or years to clear (if at all). 

“Trauma” is when your neurology has been changed by an experience that’s “maladaptive,” such that you behave and think thoughts that don’t get you the results you want or get results in an unhealthy way.

Using the principles of neuroplasticity, CET finds the origin of the original block or trauma and removes it from the source so your mind in back to a pre-traumatized state…

…like the the trauma never happened at all. 

CET then rebalances and creates new neural pathways allowing more energetic flow and love to come through.

With CET, you’re quite literally re-Sourcing yourself, connecting to Source energy and removing resistance to love and joy.

This powerful technique is perfect for you (especially) if you’ve tried other therapies and modalities (NLP, tapping, hypnosis, affirmations, etc.) and are finally ready to release the past for good.


What if you could achieve your biggest goals easily and joyfully?

Join Us For a Life-Changing Journey to reCET Yourself

During our signature 6-week online programme, reCET Yourself, we’ll walk you through the exact steps to use CET to easily and painlessly pinpoint your most significant blocks and clear them from your neurology for good

Imagine being able to:

      • Clear blocks from your entire past from their origin, across generations at the multi-dimensional level
      • Instantly raise your energetic frequency whenever you need it – transforming limiting beliefs very quickly instead of doing more “mindset work” 
      • Access your inner wisdom on demand so you can make the best decisions for you – without second guessing yourself 
      • Face challenges with strength and confidence staying emotionally resilient (without getting triggered by button pushers)
      • Rebuild your neurology to hold MORE – more money, success, love – so that you don’t get caught in the cycle of self-sabotage
      •  Become the purest channel for your Highest Self – supercharging your intuition and spiritual powers 

Clear a Path To Your Success 

Imagine what life will be like when you’re: 

Completely free from the emotional pain of past trauma, erasing that invisible ceiling you keep bumping up against 

Able to raise your emotional frequency at any time so that you can show up confident and resilient during life’s challenges

– Move from feeling spiritually blocked to becoming a spiritual POWERHOUSE

Fully embodying the frequency of your Higher Self, becoming magnetic to other high achievers and opportunities

Experiencing a life of joy, success, better health, relationships, friendships, and the work environment you desire and deserve

Feeling healed, whole, and complete

My time as a student of Lisa was the most transformational of my life.

I am buzzing with excitement for the future. I have lived through the amazing impact that Lisa has had on me, and the point in the beginning was to do this for myself.

Now I can look beyond that and know that there is so much more. I feel I have so much more learning to do, which I absolutely love, and I have so much more to offer too. 

Lisa is the real deal, the best, I knew it on the first event I went to.

All that I believe in and more is put together in a structured and planned way to expand and grow and empower the whole of humanity, earth and beyond. That is the most important mission there is! I love all the esoteric learnings, and I love the way it has opened me up to love. 

I love the trust that has grown and the community and the energetic bonds. 

-Jodie Liggett

Hello, Dear Seeker!

I’m Dr. Lisa Turner, creator of Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET). 

I know first-hand how exhausting and frustrating it can be to feel like you’re constantly fending off trauma gremlins, discontentment, and negative emotions. 

Some days you wake up and say to yourself “I’ve got this!” but (many) other days, your energy is stolen by low self-confidence, feelings of unworthiness, or low self-esteem. 

Maybe you struggle to assert yourself or ask for want you want. 

Maybe you find yourself yelling at your kids for leaving dirty dishes out (again), or you’re easily triggered by the everyday frustrations of life.

Or, maybe you find yourself lacking motivation, unable to make that phone call or write that important email, missing out on a great opportunity. 

You know there’s got to be a way to stop feeling like your clawing and struggling through your day. 


This is precisely how I felt after the trauma and PTSD I experienced after being trafficked and held as a house prisoner for five years as a teen. 

After I escaped, I felt the deep pain of unworthiness, shame, and depression at every waking moment. 

I spent years trying every healing modality out there (seriously!) from the “wooest” of woo to western medicine.

It wasn’t until I combined my scientific knowledge and spiritual teachings that I was finally able to heal myself FOR GOOD. 

After years of trial and error, I created Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET). The exact programme you’ll learn and use to heal yourself during ReCET Yourself (and in my companion practitioner training programme Certified CET Practitioner Training). 

Now, I’m free from the trauma and negative emotions from the past. 

My life is full of love, joy, boundless energy, and possibilities. In fact, the book I wrote about my experience is being turned into a movie!


Here’s the good news, fellow seeker…

You CAN release all the pain from past trauma quickly and permanently.

You CAN feel lighter, more spontaneous, laugh more, attract better relationships, have better health, find a better job, or start that dream business. 

You CAN experience life with more joy and connection.  

reCET Yourself on a transformational journey like no other.

ReCET Yourself: The Details

ReCET Yourself is a 6-week group coaching programme delivered entirely virtually.

We’ll meet weekly (90 mins to 2 hours) for instruction. We hope you can make it to the live call, but if not, don’t worry, all calls will be recorded and available in your portal.

You’ll be expertly supported along the way by Dr. Lisa Turner and her team of CET Certified Coach Trainers. 

You’ll be guided through the programme via:

Pre-Recorded Videos

Virtual Q&A Sessions

Private Facebook Group

CETfree Home Study Programme

Group Coaching Sessions




A Channelling session with me, where I will invoke my guides, No One Guide and the Spheres.
Get the answers to all those high-level questions you’ve been so curious about for so long.


The world is experiencing a shift of consciousness into a higher frequency, and the 3rd eye of our species is being activated globally. To stay ahead of the curve and have all of the resources, energy, resilience, and wisdom to navigate this volatile time, you’ll want to hear this bonus discussion on the evolution of our species and what I call our Spiritual Tipping Point.


Take a guided journey to your Highest Self to find the answers to your most pressing questions (at any time). 

Are You a Transformational Coach,
Practitioner, or Healer?

Learn to use CET to help your clients heal from past emotional pain quickly and permanently. 

The work and effort by Lisa that has gone into creating her courses are by far the most extraordinary learnings I’ve been taught. 

What makes the training special is that it is unique and supportive beyond measure. What do I love most about the programme? I can’t really pick just one thing. 

The teachings are exceptional, I like the coaching calls and Lisa is profoundly knowledgeable. I have learnt a great deal so far, and I know I will continue for many years to learn from this extraordinary woman and reinvent myself to be my greatest version. 

At the three-day event and in the course of my training, I got to know some of the tutors. I’ve never met such loving and inspiring people in all my life. All the tutors are remarkably balanced, happy and empowering, as Lisa is, in the wonderful work she does investing in people in order to create their empowerment. 

Mostly though, I suppose I have loved being a part of likeminded people on a journey to create a better and more fulfilling life. 

-Kelly Nash

Your Questions Answered

Conscious Emotional Transformation can be used to release all and any emotional pain from the past whether you might label it as “trauma” or just an unhappy or negative event.

CET is certainly very powerful, and a revolutionary emotional release technology does, however, have its limitations:

The client must be completely willing to release the emotions. CET can only release what the client is aware of. CET cannot remove symptoms, the cause of the problem without identification through questioning. Release the cause and the symptoms disappear.

CET does require the full participation of the client. They must actively participate and follow the instructions. CET cannot be done passively by the client. The client must remain conscious, willing, and play an active role in the process.

CET doesn’t work if the client is unwilling to change.

CET cannot release problems that are ongoing. For example if the client’s negative emotions are because they are in an unhappy situation, their emotions are there to let them know there is some action to take to change their life.

During CETcert Level 1 (aka reCET Yourself) you will experience profound self-healing using these techniques firsthand. 

We find that those who understand the process on a personal level are able to release and heal to an even deeper level with greater ease, and assist clients with greater transformation.

You can join CETcert Level 1 (aka reCET Yourself) and decide later if you’d like to upgrade to the Certfication programme. 

Click HERE for details about becoming certified using CET.

Most students allow for 2 hours per week for training calls and reading.

Only you will know what’s right for you, however, the beauty and power of CET is that the clearing work increases the amount of energy you have available, and the initiation enables you to access even more Source energy. Most students find the CET training highly energising!

Join a group of highly awakened, visionary leaders on your journey to greater emotional resilience.

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