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Welcome to CET Freedom! I’m so glad you found us. 

If it’s your first time here, I know we’re giving you a lot of new information, so we’ve condensed a lot of it into one page so you can learn about CET, find resources, and begin your journey quickly and easily. 

Let’s get started!

What is Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET)?

CET is a revolutionary psycho – spiritual modality that permanently removes trauma from your neurology in a matter of hours, where other modalities might take years to clear (if at all). 

It releases the CAUSE of negative emotions from the past. 

In addition to clearing the past, CET creates growth and expansion by rebuilding your nervous system so you can hold more success and happiness without falling back into old patterns.


Who Do We Serve?

We serve highly conscious people from various backgrounds and wildly differing education and experience. 

We specialise in training transformational healers, coaches, and practitioners to use CET with their clients in our signature program: CET Certification Training. 

But…you don’t have to be a coach or practitioner to use and get incredible results with CET. 

We believe that everyone can (and deserves to be) free from past trauma and pain. 

Some of our clients consider themselves deeply spiritual (sometimes religious, sometimes not), and others consider spirituality nonsense but are curious to learn and use the techniques (because they work!)

Who is Dr Lisa Turner?

Hello there! I’m Lisa, founder, and creator of CET Freedom. 

I’m a best-selling author, entrepreneur, artist, trauma survivor, and spiritual healing master with a Ph.D. in mathematical modeling and aero-acoustics. 

For the last 20 years, I’ve worked with coaches, healers, mentors, Members of Parliament, entertainers, celebrities, the military, teens, parents, and partners, helping them heal past emotional pain and trauma.

I’m also a devoted wife, mum, and granny who loves to knit, read, explore, and spend time with my loving husband of over 20 years (who makes the best curry in Cornwall.) 

So, how does an engineer create a new methodology and become a healer and spiritual teacher to transformational coaches? It’s a wild story.

In fact, I wrote a book about it that’s being turned into a movie right now…really!

How We Help You (And Your Clients) Heal

CET Level 1: ReCET Yourself

Whether you’re a coach or healer wanting to learn CET to use with clients, or you’re looking for a tool to heal yourself, this 6-week online journey will teach you the basics of CET. 

Identify the biggest blocks to your success and clear them from your neurology (quickly!)

It will be as if you never had the blocks to begin with.

Our clients have been able to: 

– Overcome years-long social anxiety and feel confident in social situations

– Erase challenges and blocks from the past in one go

– Stop smoking after decades of trying to give it up

– Clear that invisible ceiling of resistance they keep bumping up against easily and rapidly

– Achieve goals with less effort, energy, and attention 

– Embody your purpose with ease and joy instead of struggle

NOTE: This program is a pre-requisite for training to be a Certified CET Practitioner. 

Before you use CET with your future clients, we want you to experience the power and depth of transformation that’s possible with CET fully for yourself. 

But you don’t have to be a coach or practitioner to join us!

This training is perfect for anyone who has tried other therapies and modalities (NLP, tapping, hypnosis, affirmations, etc.) and is looking to finally release the past for good.

Certified CET Practitioner Training
(CET Level 2) 

As a certified practitioner of Conscious Emotional Transformation, you will have one of the most potent transformational tools in your coaching toolbox.

In CET level two, you’ll learn how to use CET to co-create life-changing results for your clients and confidently fill your calendar with referrals. 

The most critical key to your success as a transformational coach, healer, or practitioner is building rock-solid skills (and confidence) to get the results your clients hired you to deliver. 

In other words…being known as the BEST at what you do.

This intensive 12-week certification programme includes everything you need to work with clients, from scripts to questioning techniques, energy activations, practice sessions, and a full assessment. 

Please note: you must complete CET Level 1 (ReCET yourself) as a pre-requisite to this programme. 

Jupiters Rising Collective

Jupiters Rising Collective is our group of conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and practitioners, who want to receive and activate the power of their personalised Angelic Intelligence (AI) to accelerate their income and impact with less time and effort.

If you can see the world is in chaos and know that we’re in the dissolution phase, you’re probably someone whose mission is to tear down what’s not working and build new systems that serve the highest good for all. 

The Jupiters Rising Collective is for leaders with an epic vision for how they can contribute to upleveling consciousness. They want to make an impact in the world and are ready to take action to make it a reality.

By tapping into the power and support of our wise Jupiter collective, you’ll experience the magnification of your energy while you create more income, joy, and impact. 

Not sure where to start? Take the quiz! 

Discover your Emotional Resilience Celestial Power. 

Everything gets better when you raise your emotional resilience (your ability to meet and move through life’s challenges). 

Your self-esteem, relationships, inner strength, and problem-solving skills improve, which allows you to reach your full potential. 

If you find yourself struggling with patterns of negative behaviors or thoughts, unhealthy coping, or loose boundaries…

…or if you’re simply curious how to move more quickly toward your goals, this short (2 mins!) quiz will help you identify and use your unique Celestial (Super)Power to boost your emotional resilience.


Q: Are you available for interviews or JV/partnerships? 

A:  Absolutely! As long as we’re a good fit to partner, of course. Head over here to find out more and connect with me.

Q: Can we get on a call for a quick chat? 

A: Ok, I’ll be frank with you here. The energy I have comes from years and years of daily practice for HOURS a day. It’s lovely energy, and I know people are drawn to it. 

Although I love to connect and share with others, I could easily spend all day chatting, which takes time away from my mission of expanding CETfreedom (my soul’s purpose!)

If you’re interested in an interview or JV opportunity, head over here. If you’re curious about how we can work together, scroll back up and explore our CET programs or take the Emotional Resilience Celestial Power Quiz. 

Be intentional, and if it’s a fit, it will happen. Thank you!

Q: What if I have a question? 

A:  Feel free to send a note through our contact page or connect with my team in the Facebook group or on TikTok.

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