Our Conscious Tipping Point

How to Awaken Spiritually, Become a Conscious Creator of the Future, and Lead the Evolution of the Species 

Our Conscious Tipping Point is the eagerly awaited new book by world renowned Dr. Lisa Turner, a leading authority on spirituality and science who has dedicated her life to understanding how we can evolve as individuals while collectively evolving our species into something greater than ever before.

She provides readers with the answers they have been seeking in this thought-provoking text that will change lives forever! 

You’re about to embark on a journey that will redefine what it means to be human. Our Conscious Tipping Point explains why the chaos we see around ourselves is actually our collective spiritual awakening, and how this process of evolution can help make sense of our current circumstances and experiences. 

This book offers hope for the future, and shows you have to lead the awakening of our society.


Too often emotions are considered baggage, a nuisance to be dismissed 

Lisa explains that trauma or negative emotions are completely natural and caused by a blockage or resistance to the free flow of love in their lives. She breaks down the importance of a healthy emotional response cycle, and how when the system is damaged, people can experience resistance and blocks that can be expressed as PTSD, flashbacks or limiting beliefs.

As well as explaining the CET process, CET Yourself Free covers a range of topics,  including the limitations of coping mechanisms, how to recognise signs of trauma, how past trauma manifests and the unique potential of fusing scientific and spiritual approaches in therapy.

Through CET Yourself Free, Lisa hopes to guide people in a deep dive into trauma recovery and how to release negative emotions. Designed for both those with a professional background in coaching and psychology, or simply those interested in the subject, the book begins readers on the journey to becoming more informed about their own emotional wellbeing, or even a fully-fledged CET practitioner.

When I was 12 ½ I met my music teacher for the first time. He spent over 2 years seducing and grooming me. At the age of 15 he abducted me and kept me as a house prisoner for 5 years until I finally managed to escape when I was 20.

This is my personal story of my experiences. But unlike many of the “misery lit” books this is a more considered account.

Please note this book contains detailed descriptions of a sexual nature. I’m being very intimate and baring all.

Rather than labelling myself as a victim or survivor, and my abuser as a monster, I explain the complexities of how such a situation could come about.

Discover your Spiritual Leader PowerCentre™

Activating your inner power so that you are better able to make the small or large changes you want in your life.

  • This book will guide you through a model of activating your inner power so that you are better able to make the small or large changes you want.
  • Understand the different PowerCentres™ and how to use them to empower your life.
  • Identify your strongest PowerCentre™ and learn how to tap into the others to support you when you want them.



Have you ever had burning questions about the future, or wanted a deeper understanding of your life? Have you ever had a problem that you would love to know why you have it, or even better, to be able to solve it easily? Have you ever wondered why your life is so hard, why you have so many challenges with health, career, finances and relationships? Or maybe you just want to know more about how the universe works and why things turn out the way they do. Well if you’ve ever wondered this then you’re in the right place. In this book you can get the answers to some of your most burning questions. As you read this book you’ll discover that you’re not alone. Others have struggled in exactly the same ways you have. They’ve asked the same questions and had the similar challenges.

How to be spiritual and generate wealth using powerful and long hidden, secret spiritual principles. Is your money stuck on the astral plane instead of in your wallet? Have you every pondered why spiritual people always seem to have problems with money? Are you beginning to question the premise that spirituality and money are completely incompatible? Have you ever wondered why the world’s wealth is in the hands of those who misuse or even abuse the power that it brings? Well I did too. And I did some research and found some astonishing things about wealth, power, and spiritual power. Which I’m delighted to share with you now in this book dedicated to spirituality and wealth.

There’s a saying that the only constant is change. The universe is always in motion and always growing. In nature, business, life and almost everywhere, change happens in distinct and predictable cycles yet when it comes to our own personal development people seem to strive for a status quo or a “balance” and it’s this desire for balance that can actually unbalance us.  Throughout our lives we constantly change and transform. You’re not the same person you were when you were a baby or a child or a teenager or a few years ago, or even last week! Every experience you have leaves its mark on your mind and neurology. So the question isn’t, “Can we change?” The question becomes, “How do we change into who we WANT to become, rather than randomly stumbling from one state to the next?”

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