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About Dr Lisa Turner

Hello There!

I’m Dr. Lisa Turner PhD, author, entrepreneur, spiritual and conscious healing master, educator, trauma survivor, and founder of CET Freedom. 

CET (Conscious Emotional Transformation) was created from a desperate need to heal myself after being groomed, trafficked, and kept as a house prisoner as a teen by a paedophile. 

After five gruelling years, I finally escaped my abuser, but the trauma, PTSD, and agoraphobia became my new assailant. I felt a deep sense of unworthiness and depression at every waking moment and wanted to be free from my emotional pain once and for all. 

It’s not hyperbole to say I’ve tried every healing therapy under the sun…from the wacky to the woo-woo to western academia.

Most of it didn’t work.

Some of it worked, but the results didn’t last, and I was thrown back into a harrowing cycle of PTSD and depression.

I finally decided to put my engineering brain to the problem, and through years of research, and lots of trial and error, I discovered and documented what therapies worked and WHY. 

From this research, I created a methodology for healing that unites the spiritual, psychological, and scientific into a simple and practical healing tool that works in a matter of hours instead of months or years.

For the last 20 years, I’ve helped survivors from all walks of life, including coaches, the military, celebrities, lawyers, teachers, teens, parents, Members of Parliament, and more…

…to release negative emotions’ white-knuckle grip on them – ending the cycle of emotional trauma, blocks, and limiting beliefs that keep them from creating the life they desire. 

Now, I teach other healers, visionary leaders, and practitioners to use CET with their clients (in CET Practitioner Academy), so they can break through resistance and co-create life-changing transformation faster than they thought possible.

I’m often asked…

“How did you get into this spiritual stuff as a scientist?” 

People often think that engineering and science contradict spirituality. 

It only conflicts if we become dogmatic either on the science or the spiritual side. I believe the only way forward is for us to embrace these polarities. 

The essence of a true scientist is to see the wonder in the world. To ask questions, form and test hypotheses, and observe the results. 

Dogma, bias, and tunnel vision cause minds to close rather than open. 

Both scientists and spiritual seekers should be open to new information and lead with curiosity.

The other questions I’m often asked are, “How did you escape being a house prisoner, and did you prosecute?” 

You can find out in my book (which is being turned into a movie as you read this)!” 

Experience Deep Healing, Growth And Expansion With CET

CETfreedom is a much-needed space so many people crave to explore their unconscious minds.

In this space, we find the secrets to resetting our lives, so we can experience more joy, success, and love without resistance and self-sabotage. 

We are here to serve and support you. I created CET Freedom to revolutionize how people experience their emotions by elevating consciousness. 

Whether you’re a practitioner or coach looking for a new tool to co-create long-lasting transformation…

…Or, you notice the patterns, blocks, and old negative emotions emerging again in yourself

(and want a proven technique to release them for good)…

My team of CET certified coaches and I are here to empower you to be free from emotional pain so you can become powerful, confident, and free to reach your highest potential.

Dr. Lisa’s Credentials and Lineage

My studies are ongoing – I’m continually developing my craft, skills, and knowledge.

One core value that I embody is the psychological, spiritual, energy, and other tools I have learned about I have used extensively on and with myself as well as willing and informed colleagues. I have put into deeply embodied practice everything included here.

      • Initiation training. private mentoring to receive the rights to initiate others into certain energy levels
      • Transmutation of Sexual energy – Western Mystery private mentoring
      • Shamanic training with Eliana Harvey
      • Huna: 3 years
      • Sacred Feminine Shamanic studies: Eliana Harvey
      • Builders of the Adotium (7 years – continuing)
      • Vision Quests (3)
      • Shamanic Burial
      • Sweat lodges (4)
      • Aboriginal Elders from the Kimberley region West Australia
      • Pagan circle
      • Transcendental Meditation
      • Meditation trainer
      • Channelling mentorship
      • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Teacher (lapsed)

Coaching, practitioner training, and other qualifications

      • Certified Trainer of NLP
      • Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy
      • Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
      • Certified Trainer of NLP Coaching
      • Trainer of Tantra
      • Reiki Master (x3)

Academic qualifications 

      •  Senior Lecturer in Automotive Engineering
      •  PhD, Mechanical Engineering: A theoretical and experimental investigation into noise reduction in high-speed rotating machinery. Southampton University 1999
      • B.Eng. Hons. Mech Eng. Middlesex University 1992

 Mentors, and close spiritual, personal, and business advisors

The list below combines personal, spiritual, and business mentors and advisors I’ve had the privilege of working with, and who have been instrumental in my growth. 

      •       Kevin Nations
      •       Elizabeth Purvis
      •       Joanna Martin
      •       Jesse Elder
      •       Frank Kern
      •       Tellman Knudson
      •       Rich Schefren
      •       Bernadette Doyle
      •       Suzanne Dibble
      •       Harlan Kilstein
      •       Christian Michelson
      •       Lisa Sasevitch
      •       Lisa Cherney
      •       Kendal Summerhawk
      •       Rachel Sampson
      •       Wendy Salter: wise woman healer
      •       Kathryn Mackellar: wise woman, advisor
      •       Secret Huna and Shamanic Initiator (who prefers to remain anonymous) 

Personal therapy and healing journey 

I have personally experienced as a client the following modalities:

      •       Psychotherapy (3 years)
      •       Psychodrama (5 years)
      •       Reiki
      •       EFT
      •       Emotrance
      •       Counselling
      •       Coaching
      •       NLP
      •       EMDR
      •       Energy healing
      •       Vedic Astrology
      •       Ayurveda
      •       Numerology
      •       Astrology

 If you’ve gotten this far down the page…yay! I hope to meet you inside one of our CET training programmes.

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Learn how working with your Celestial Power can help remove the blocks to your success and help you feel more calm and confident when events in the world or your life seem overwhelming.

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