Expect your life to change in ways you hoped for and expected,

as well as in ways that surprise and delight you…

Karmic Alignment™ and Deep Release Program

Total Life Transformation and Personal Breakthrough


What Is Karmic Alignment™?

Karmic Alignment™ is a transformational process that enables you to find your life purpose, remove whatever is stopping you from living it now, so that you can be the person you know you are truly meant to be.

It is an intensive one-to-one personal transformative experience. You work with a qualified CETfreedom therapist for up to 8 hours over one or two days.

Most therapies remove each presenting problem individually as they surface. During a Karmic Alignment™ you and your therapist find the lynch pin or root cause of your problems. Pull out the roots and not only do all the problems disappear, but your life is transformed.

You will break through the barriers and move to the highest level of personal integration and wholeness, allowing you to become your most authentic self and revealing the “real” you.

Why come for Karmic Alignment?

People come for a Karmic Alignment™ for many different reasons.

Some people have a clear reason for coming or a specific problem they want to resolve. Other people don’t know what the problem is but continually fail to get what they want out of life.

Some people think that things can’t be changed, preferring to think that’s just the way things are. During your Karmic Alignment™ you begin to realise that it’s when you allow yourself to dream of the changes that you begin to believe it’s possible.

Following a Karmic Alignment™ you will find that the changes have already happened. You will feel completely different.

What to expect

You can expect your life to change in ways you hoped for and expected, as well as in ways that surprise and delight you.

As your old limitations are peeled away, you’ll feel full of energy, motivation and purpose. You will find yourself doing things easily and effortlessly that you previously found challenging or avoided altogether.

You’ll hear people comment “What’s different? You seem so happy, and confident!” You will see the results: more success, a pay rise, being healthier, slimmer

There Are 3 Stages...

Pre-tasking (6 – 12 weeks)

Once you are registered, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. You and your coach will speak regularly, usually weekly, either on the phone or via Skype. During these sessions you will be set some tasking or homework, which you are expected to complete between sessions. Your therapist will use a highly effective set of techniques and processes including NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Karmic Alignment™ Intensive (1 – 2 days)

This stage is a one day intensive therapy and coaching session. When your coach feels you are ready for the intensive, the day will be booked. You will be advised of the estimated time for your intensive – this is usually 8 hours and we usually suggest you allow for a full day, and it may flow into the following day so we suggest you are available for that too.

The day will begin with your coach asking you detailed questions to pinpoint the problem and find the root cause. Together with your coach you will find your life purpose, identify your core motivation and energy drivers so you can tap into these.

Next you will be guided through a series of therapeutic interventions to remove the limitations and restrictions that prevent you from living your purpose.

Integration (Ongoing)

Following your Karmic Alignment™ you will be given further tasking to ensure you embody the changes you have made.

Stop projecting your unconscious mind and release the negative emotions that are holding you back!

The Investment

As you would expect, the price for such an intensive, personal and life-changing process is a significant investment for you to make both in terms of your time and money. What you get out of the process depends, to a large extent, on how much time and effort you are prepared to put in.

As far as the money is concerned, the investment is this:

  • 6 monthly payments of £3,000
  • Or pay in full £15,000

If you are accepted onto the program and make your first payment within 3 days of your application consultation, you can save money with our fast action offer:

Fast action offer – SAVE £,1000

  • 6 monthly payments of £2,800
  • Or pay in full £14,000

How To Apply for Karmic Alignment

Because this is such an in-depth and intensive process for us as well as for you, we can only work with a VERY limited number of people. We need to ensure that you understand the commitment and that we have the capacity to take you on. This is why we ask you to complete an application form and have an exploratory conversation with us before we can accept you onto the program.

It’s simple… all you need to do is click the link below and complete the form to apply for a free consultation and talk it all through.

Meet our divine client, Isobel

Meet Isobel, in her late forties, coming up to the “big 5 – 0” (her words) struggling in an unsatisfying job, a strained marriage. She’d been coping, sort of, and doing ok, until some health issues showed up, including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. She’d tried to stay positive and say her affirmations. But nothing was working.
Seeking Deeper Solutions with CETfreedom:
Realising she needed some support to find out what was really going on, Isobel turned to CETfreedom and together we embarked on a Karmic Alignment™
Uncovering Hidden Barriers:
Throughout the intensive, Isobel and her CET coach worked closely to peel back layers of limited programming, and ingrained beliefs that had been silently sabotaging her life. These weren’t just surface-level problems but foundational issues that needed careful and skilled attention to untangle and align with her authentic self.
Embracing Her True Calling:
The transformation was profound. As Isobel began to align her life with her true calling, she found herself revitalized. She found her true and deeper calling, or rather, she finally gave herself permission to own her BIG vision. She realised she wanted more than her safe but really dull job. As she envisioned her new mission and life all her energy and vitality came back. All of her symptoms started to ease and then vanish. As if they had been whispering in the form of pain, the hurt, shame, and feelings of not being worth of such a BIG vision. She started working towards building her dream life, retraining, learning, taking risks, but most importantly engaged in work that she was genuinely passionate about, which brought back her vibrancy and zest for life. This shift not only improved her wellbeing but also infused her entire existence with joy and purpose. Her inner awakening had a dramatic impact on her personal relationships, especially her marriage. As her energy and vibrancy transformed, so did her interactions with her husband. They rediscovered their connection and love, which blossomed as Isobel became more authentically herself.
A New Chapter:
Isobel’s story is a testament to the power of delving deep to address the root causes of unhappiness and illness. It highlights the importance of aligning with one’s true self to foster healing and genuine, lasting change. Now she runs a non profit helping people in a way she had always dreamed of. Let her journey inspire you if you’re seeking to break free from your limitations and embrace the transformative path of self-discovery and true alignment.

The team behind CETfreedom

We have been helping survivors of emotional trauma reset their lives for over 18 years.

It all started when our founder, Dr. Lisa Turner, broke free from the grips of a sexual abuser to reclaim her life – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

What she ended up creating was a powerful healing technology called Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET) that brought together science and spirituality like never before.

CETfreedom and its team of certified coaches use this methodology to revolutionise how people experience their emotions by elevating consciousness and leaning into joy.
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