Life Burnout

Life Burnout

Love your life again

Am I burned out, exhausted or just craving some magic?

Life burnout is a profound, all-encompassing state of physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion that changes how you show up in the world.

It’s a signal from the deepest parts of yourself that fundamental changes are necessary—not just in what you do but in how you connect to yourself and your life’s purpose.

You might be sitting there reading this, wondering to yourself…. I don’t even remember when I started to feel like this.

What will it take to get my spark back?

Am I living authentically, or just existing?

Where did my dreams go?

I used to be so [insert all the amazing things about you!]

At a crossroads in life

Signs you’re experiencing life burnout:

You don't need fixing
- just a way to hit reset and leave the baggage behind!

life burnout

There is an easier way through this period of burnout, leaving you inspired, driven and full of fiery passion again. Before you plan to do ANYTHING, we first need to get to the root of the issue.

That’s where our programs and resources are designed to help you identify these barriers and break free from the hold they have over you, empowering you to take the next step and finally start living a life that is more aligned with your true self.

The beauty of the CET method is in its simplicity. It quickly reveals any hidden obstacles to getting inspired again, rebalancing the energy of what you were holding onto in the unconscious mind.

The six causes of burnout

Step 1
The Cycle of Transcendence

At CETfreedom, we first find out where you are in our Cycle of Transcendence: a seven-stage cycle that outlines where each person is in their own awakening journey.

With the support of our team and community, you can navigate each of the 7 stages with greater purpose and resilience and easily move through the cycle with half the effort you’re putting in today!

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Step 2
Explore Our Blogs

Step 3
Activate & Initiate

Our monthly membership, Activate & Initiate, is for individuals who are looking for new answers that are less conventional and stretch the realms of possibilities!


How is life burnout different from feeling like you need a break?
It’s deeper – you lack motivation, direction or a purpose. Every day feels like you’re ice skating uphill! You know something needs to change, but for every reason for starting, there are 10 holding you back.

Recognising the difference between life burnout and needing a break or a holiday is vital to living a life with more joy. Get to the root cause using CET and find the best solution for you to release and free yourself from whatever is burdening you or stopping you from living the life you deserve.
Is life burnout like a nervous breakdown?

If ignored, life burnout could evolve into a nervous breakdown.

We do not work with people in crisis mode.

Like anything involving our emotional state of mind, living out of alignment with the Higher Self has an impact on all areas of life, from relationships to career development to living out our true life’s purpose.

What causes life burnout?
Life burnout is not necessarily tied to a single event but can be from many small stresses. For some people, a profound loss or event might trigger it, leaving us gasping for air in a sea of grief.

For others, it’s the daily grind—endless tasks, personal strains, or the pressure to be perfect—that slowly dims their inner light. Burnout whispers a truth we resist: we need to pause, return to ourselves, and find joy again.

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