Energy Diagnosis

Energy Diagnosis

Uncover Your Energy Blueprint with Dr. Lisa Turner

Welcome to the threshold of deeper understanding. If you’re a visionary leader, navigating through repeating patterns that block your ascent, it’s time to identify the roots and unlock your next level. Schedule a powerful one-on-one Energy Diagnosis with Dr. Lisa Turner and step into your power.

If you are a conscious leader tired of the same old repeating patterns discover the root cause and how to unlock your next level in a powerful 1-1 diagnostic with Lisa.

Schedule Your Diagnosis
In your personal deep dive, we will:

90-minute call for £100

An energy diagnosis might be for you when:

Transcending the meta-crisis

If you’ve read Lisa’s work about the evolution of the species and know that you have a role to play in transcending the meta-crisis then an Energy Diagnosis can help you figure out your next step to fully step into your role. 

Every role is important even if it seems small. Your role might feel huge, and that’s a sign you need to access a deeper source of your own inner silent power.

Your problem might not be the actual problem,
which is why you haven’t solved it yet...

Almost every time you can’t find the solution to your challenge it’s because you haven’t found the deeper cause of the presenting issue.

In many cases your problem is actually spiritual pain in disguise

When we are out of alignment the first signs present in the spritual body, they then move to the mental body, then the emotional body, and finally in a last-ditch desperate attempt to get us to pay attention, it will move into the physical body.

Here are some of the symptoms you might notice in each of these.

Whether the stuck patterns feel spiritual in nature, like some disconnection, whether your running old emotional patterns or you physical symptoms you don’t understand then an Energy Diagnosis can help.

Here are the kinds of repeating patterns you can
choose to explore in your Energy Diagnosis

These are all just the symptoms. Let’s find the deeper cause.
It might be spiritual pain in disguise.
Let’s find out.

Whatever your issue, whatever you bring, I’ll help you uncover the missing piece that’s holding you back or slowing you down

-Dr Lisa Turner, CET founder

This is perfectly tailored to your needs and desires right now

You decide which of your growing edges you want to explore.
Tell us what the goal you want to accomplishes is, the obstacle you want to circumvent, the resistance you keep hitting up against and the vision for change you are here to create –
And I will show up full researched, resourced and ready to help you understand yourself at a level that you have never considered before.

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Things To Know

In 90 minutes, we can accomplish a lot. This is my absolute superpower, getting deep really quickly. However, we are unlikely to solve every problem you’ve ever had in 90 minutes so if it is appropriate, I will make recommendations for further work either with myself, CETfreedom or other resources. Some of these may be free and some may involve an investment cost. There is NO requirement that you take these recommendations but I would be doing you a disservice if I did not make them. If you’re not OK with this please don’t book your session.

Before your session I will send you a questionnaire. There are LOT of questions. Please set aside 1 – 2 hrs to complete fully. If you do not complete your questionnaire and return to me 7 days prior to your session we will reschedule your session.
You need to show up somewhere private and where you will not be interrupted or overheard, so we can both speak freely. If this is not the case we will reschedule and you may forfeit your payment. This is because I will have carved out time in my calendar that cannot be used by another client.

Based on your questionnaire answers I may send you some selected resources and short videos to watch or papers to read. If I need you to read/watch these before your session I will let you know and expect you to have done so. If you have not your session will be rescheduled and you may be required to pay again.

Does a deeper, more holistic approach to inner work resonate with you? 

If so, then take a look at our programmes and discover how you can use the power of spiritual knowledge and ancient wisdom to transform your current situation.


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