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This is for conscious leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, executives, healers, coaches and consultants who are ready to turn uncertainty into purposeful next steps..

Activate and Initiate

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Monthly membership to unlock a more awakened mind, activate limitless abundance and reap the rewards of living from your Highest Self

Welcome, Divine One!

We’re so happy you’re here and ready to Activate & Initiate everything you’ve been holding back on through our monthly membership programme.

Would you like an IMMEDIATE way to stop dreaming about sharing all your potential and let it flow freely from you like you know it could… if only [insert excuse here].

Because despite the current challenges the world faces, our clients are still thriving and rewriting what they could only have dreamed of before experiencing any of our CET programmes.

The reality is it was right in front of them all along. We only helped them to see an entirely new possible future and step into the unknown. 

Discover exactly how they’re doing it.

Not only that, but every month you’re in our membership program, you get access to rich, juicy content that will feed your awakened mind into new levels of expansion… with all that good stuff you’ve been craving to explore.

It’s time to stop holding yourself back from the person you know deep down you could become!


At a crossroads in life

End this relentless sitting-on-the-fence situation you’re in and turn it into a highly motivated, purpose-driven and inspired (or INSPIRATIONAL) legacy…. without all the second-guessing, divine one!

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We’re pulling the curtain back on all the
BS keeping you from pushing forward!

  • Struggling to connect to your Higher Self

  • Inability to take up all the damn space you want

  • Putting your needs behind the needs of others

  • Holding back from pursuing the things that make you happy and bring you joy

  • Second-guessing yourself and all the unique magic you bring to the table

  • Keeping yourself small to keep the peace or because you haven’t been ‘big’ in so long

  • Suppressing your desires

FINALLY a fresh take on spirituality!

Q. I’ve tried similar programmes before, and it didn’t produce the results I am looking for. How is Activate & Initiate different? 

We hear this question a lot from clients because, the fact is, most spiritual programmes barely scratch the surface. Activate & Initiate is specifically designed to move you into the next stage of the Cycle of Transcendence is about deep, lasting transformation 

Q. I am already connected to my Higher Self, so is this programme going to benefit me? 

You know you’re already connected, but did you know you can go even further? Many people believe they have reached the peak of their spiritual connection, but we know there is more. We are here to show you the vast expanse that is still waiting for you. Yes, you’re in the solar system, but now it is time to go to the next galaxy, divine one!  

Q. I don’t have any spiritual ‘gifts’, will Activate & Initiate help me develop some?

It is a common myth that only a select few are born with this ability to deeply connect with their spiritual selves. We know, with proven success, that it is the divine birthright of every human to unlock these abilities. Just like learning to read and write, you only need to learn the tools and techniques to do so. 

Q. Time is a big issue for me (or lack thereof) – will I need to dedicate a lot of time to this programme? 

Think of all the time you’re losing by struggling to connect to your Higher Self! You could get answers quicker, solutions more easily and stop rushing around trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Instead, with our support and these tools, the time you invest now will pay off manifold in the near future. 

Your levelling up is about way more than getting that project off the ground or building a life you love. It’s about the interconnectedness of it all. You’ve had glimpses of it in the past, and you want MORE OF THAT! 

We all change with time, but at this very moment is feels fundamental to you. 

However, you simply cannot manifest this future if you’re feeling small, less-than, unworthy, stuck or burdened with trapped emotions.

To level up your mindset requires a whole new relationship with the Self and understanding what it is trying to tell you. This takes clearing blocks, emotional resilience, energy rebalancing and clarity balanced with the space to nourish and uplift your mind regularly. It takes a Conscious Emotional Transformation.

-Dr Lisa Turner, CET Creator

Our clients are rewriting the rules. They’re reaping the rewards and getting more from life than they ever imagined… 

Will you be one of them?

Imagine what your life would be like if…

  • You woke up every morning connected to your purpose and buzzing to see what the day brings

  • You were unbothered by setbacks and embraced them with resilience

  • You cleared your limiting mindset to become a magnet for new opportunities and growth

  • You felt supported and emotionally secure to take the next right step and propel yourself forward

Activate higher consciousness and initiate your journey towards a more awakened existence

What is included in your membership?

  • 1x Initiation Video & Mindset Preparation With Dr Lisa Turner

    Settle into your monthly membership with this introductory welcome video, where Lisa initiates you into the community and prepares you for an exciting journey ahead in the membership area

Upcoming topics include:

  • The 4-step system for turning your inspiration into reality
  • Clear blocks that prevent you from contacting your higher self
  • Discover how to know and predict the future
  • Harnessing your desire to make you wealthy
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Shamanic practices for the modern age
  • Five “wills” of manifestation and how to install them so you can become abundant


  • X1 Monthly Wisdom Workshop On A JUICY Topic Designed To Stimulate Pathways Of Fresh Thinking

    Lisa is a world-renowned speaker and spiritual teacher, and in these monthly calls, you’ll get introduced to new spiritual truths, opening undiscovered portals to unparalleled growth and understanding

  • X1 Monthly Transformation Call With Lisa & Occasional Guest Speakers

    This is where the coaching magic happens! These transformation calls are a chance to ask questions, witness Lisa channel the future, hear from guest speakers or experience a live ReCET. Plus LOADS more! If you’ve ever experienced “group flow” you’ll know just how powerful shared energy can be when working to amplify the transformation process

  • x1 At-Home CETfree Guidebook - Limited Time Offer!

    Dive into the comprehensive Conscious Emotional Transformation beginner’s playbook at your own pace, make notes and experience an introductory version of CET from the comfort of your home

  • x1 Personal Growth Tracking Journal

    This personal growth tracking journal will be your bible for all the transformations you’ll want to remember. Here, you’ll have Higher Mindset prompts to elevate your thinking and fully understand the path you’re on

  • x1 Unlock the Silent Mind Meditation Course

    This course is a fresh perspective on meditation. It covers everything you ever wanted to know about using the practice of meditation to reach new levels of consciousness. Unlike other meditation courses, this one is designed to put you into a higher trance state and transform your meditation practice

  • PLUS... Bonus Materials!

    Your monthly membership will unlock plenty of extra bonus materials. Access at your leisure and keep expanding your horizons on this journey to higher consciousness!

You’ll also learn the secrets to...

  • Revealing if you have Karmic Contracts that are keeping you broke or chained into place

  • Applying the wisdom of the Tarot to solve everyday problems

  • Gaining the courage that all visionaries need to bring their dream into reality

  • Shamanic Medicine Wheel for power, protection, healing, awakening

  • Manifesting Energy Activation – clearing the path of manifestation and activating the four bodies

  • Overcoming obstacles, why they happen and how to know if it’s a sign or if it’s part of the path

  • Pinpointing the perfect first step (& how to avoid wrong turns and mistakes)

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