Steps to ground yourself – Part Three

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

World renowned visionary, author, high-performance mindset trainer for coaches to elevate skills, empower clients to achieve their maximum potential

In my last two blogs, you discovered the signs that you are ungrounded and how to avoid the mistakes you make when trying to ground yourself. In this article I’ll reveal the 7 essential steps you must take to ground yourself.

Being ungrounded happens when we spend a lot of time meditating or being out of the flow of life or even out of our bodies. It’s essential to get connected to our spiritual source for inspiration and guidance, but we then need to bring those insights back into the real world and implement them. We need to ground our spiritual visions. Being ungrounded stops you from functioning effectively in the real world. It’s great to be spiritual, but even more important to effectively use your spiritual wisdom to make changes to the world and your life.

Here are some simple positive steps you can take to get yourself grounded:

1. Take action

Doing something in the physical world brings you back into physical reality. Taking action has the added bonus of bringing your spiritual visions into the physical world. It doesn’t matter what action you take, any action steps will bring your attention and focus into the physical so you become grounded. If you are feeling ungrounded, it’s best to take actions that aren’t vital or where mistakes don’t matter.

Tidying, filing, organising or doing any simple tasks that are orientated on your physical environment are perfect ways to ground yourself. This is especially true when you have to concentrate on organising and where to put things.

2. Stand on one leg

Standing on one leg forces you to find and keep your balance. It brings your attention to your physical body and therefore the physical world. Alternate which leg you stand on and even use a yoga balance posture to add a bit of extra challenge. Yoga is great for bringing you into your body and grounding you.

3. Talk to someone

Talking and holding a conversation brings your attention into the present, which is where the physical world always is. Pay attention to what the other person is saying and put all of your attention into the conversation.

4. Cook and eat

Cooking is a very grounding activity. Cooking is one way of nurturing your physical body, so by preparing a meal for it, you will be putting your attention onto the physical world and, therefore, be grounding yourself.

Eating is another activity that brings your attention to the physical body. When you eat, make sure your awareness is fully on the food. Notice how it tastes and how your body feels as you eat it and just afterwards. A word of caution here though, many spiritual people become overweight because they use food as an attempt to ground themselves, but they don’t eat with awareness, so it leads to overeating.

5. Wash

Washing your face or taking a shower are yet more ways of nurturing your physical body. It brings your awareness to your physical body and your attention into the physical world. As you wash, make sure you are paying attention to the process of washing. You can also use cold water to really wake up your senses and physical body.

6. Breathe

Specifically, breathe deeply whilst you put your attention on your body. Breathing increases life force energy. In addition, energy flows where the attention goes, so breathing with your attention on your body will, literally, breathe life force energy into your body. As an extra tweak, you can hold your breath on the OUT breath. The four points of the breath (in, hold full, out, hold empty) each relate to an element and “hold out” is the earth element. Holding the out breath will increase the earth element which is the essence of being grounded.

7. Count The Beans (Balance Your Bank Accounts)

I have a friend who is an accountant who calls himself a “bean counter”. Being grounded increases your ability to manifest not only your spiritual visions, but also MONEY. Because money relates to the physical world, balancing your accounts, or even just checking the accounts and making sure there are no outstanding bills is very grounding.

Being Grounded Makes You The Vehicle That Connects Heaven And Earth

Not only will being grounded make you feel better, it will help you to bring your spiritual vision into the physical reality, to ground your insights and dreams. It’s great to be spiritual, but even better to be spiritually connected, where you become a vehicle for connecting heaven and earth, from God’s mind to your mind, to your body, and into mother earth.

Increases your Personal Presence

When you are ungrounded you are not present, your energy body is out of your physical body, and it’s also out of this time zone. Energetically, you’re not all here. This will make you seem invisible and lack personal presence and charisma. If you’re not present, you have no presence. The more present you are, the more presence you have.

Increases your Power to Change The World

Being grounded and present not only increases your personal presence and power (energy and power are very closely linked) but it also increases your influence and ability to create change in the world. It is being grounded that separates the real spiritual people from the “fluffy bunnies” who are great at thinking happy thoughts and chanting, but often ineffective or powerless to make any real changes in the world.

Increases Your Financial Wealth

Being spiritual means you can access fantastic wisdom and insights. When you’re grounded, that inspiration turns into products, services, business ideas and other means to generate money. Most successful entrepreneurs know that getting an idea is only the first step; it then needs to be grounded into reality. Without grounding, ideas are just dreams. Nice, fun and pleasant, but always fleeting.

Dr Lisa Turner

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