Who We Are

We take survivors where many are unwilling to go in the name of discovering what it means to be a human being, free from emotional pain. 


We have been helping survivors of emotional trauma reset their lives for nearly two decades.

It all started when our founder, Dr. Lisa Turner, broke free from the grips of a sexual abuser to reclaim her life – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This triggered a process of researching the very best in transformational therapeutics – from the wild and wacky esoteric to the academic theories. (Oh, the places you’ll end up when you want that damn pain to end!)

What she created was a powerful healing technology called Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET) that unites science and spirituality like never before. This methodology brings to life Lisa’s dream of going beyond rigid systems that obscure the complexity of emotional suffering to, instead, forging your own path and discovering for yourself what it means to be human, living with joy.

Trauma can be a white-knuckled rollercoaster of emotions. It really doesn’t have to be like this, though. You deserve to be happier than you are!

Join us as we share thoughts, stories, and wisdom to empower you to end the cycle of trauma.

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Our mission is to revolutionise how people experience their emotions by elevating consciousness.

CETfreedom is the much-needed space that so many people crave to explore their unconscious minds.  Locked away in that space, we find the secrets to resetting our lives and finally leaning into a joyful life.

Society doesn’t always provide the answers that work for everyone.  What works for one may not work for another – so when traditional methods of emotional recovery don’t work for us, it can feel like suffering is the default mode of being.

Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET) heals even the most painful emotional trauma – forever.

Our vision is a world set free from emotional suffering and to one enjoying infinite love.

CETfreedom is known for uniting scientific and spiritual theories in revolutionary ways, using them both to guide us beyond traditional thinking to reach new possibilities.

CET is a technology designed to empower people to heal and, in doing so, transform their lives by being able to really get to know themselves.  When we say ‘know’, we’re not referring to the surface level stuff such as your likes, dislikes and what you’re good at ….

No, we’re talking about your behaviours, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams …. you know, the *deep* stuff.

Do you have a clear view of yourself, your inner processes and filters, the way you relate to the world … or are you a bit mysterious – even to yourself?

Remember, understanding who you are and the emotions that direct you, allows you to feel more confident, creative and satisfied in what you do, form stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively.

It’s so very easy along the way in our life journey to be injured by unkind words, or scolded by an angry parent or teacher.  We may have been betrayed by a friend, or lover, or had our hearts broken …. and without meaning to, we build walls to protect parts of ourselves.  This wall is a prison.  It disempowers us, and our experience of life shrinks.

But, you don’t have to miss out on the most beautiful aspects of your life.  You can learn how to create emotional safety, be more comfortable with vulnerability and understand yourself and your whole spectrum of emotions better with Conscious Emotional Transformation.

Anyone can consume knowledge, but we can get stuck in consuming knowledge and the bits that don’t resonate start to attack our beliefs like termites.  What starts as an exciting exploration of the self quickly turns to confusion and contradiction (not to mention complacency) and we learn to live with the emotional pain, not realising how much of a foothold it has over our careers, relationships and self-image.

At CETfreedom, we are a group of people who flourish when we’re given the space and safety to go to unconventional places.  We want you to do the same.

Our clients are curious beings that society would label as ‘out of the box’ thinkers.  They’re driven by a yearning for knowledge and an insatiable urge to probe at the depths of human consciousness to gain that in-depth wisdom that shapes so much of our relationships, careers and life purpose.  Think of CETfreedom as the vehicle to get you there!  We’re in the business of Emotional Transformation so deep, it brings about permanent change and releases you from the damn pain that is ruling so much of your life.

Our values at CETfreedom



Conscious of our divinity, we bring awareness, thoughtfulness and consideration, without dogma, in the belief that each of us has the power of the divine.


Transformation is the foundation of what we do. We live and breathe this in all aspects of our day-to-day lives by continuously expanding, questioning and evolving to awaken new ways of living in this world.


We take responsibility for our choices, actions and results. We hold ourselves to this standard first, then also our clients.


We go where many are unwilling to go in the name of discovering what it means to be a human free from emotional pain. By pushing the boundaries and rebelling against rigid systems, we are ready to forge new paths that take us to places never gone before.


We share our wisdom honestly and generously with others, so they too can experience a life filled with love, joy, clarity and resilience. Our messages are never forced and are instead used to create such a shift in paradigm in dealing with emotions that it inspires people to change.


Trust and psychological safety are reinforced when laughter and joy are shared within families, teams, and communities. We intentionally bring lightness, playfulness, and humour to our days to balance out the effects of the seriousness of our work, creating an environment of support and belonging.


We bring infinite love to all we do. We pour love into our work, our clients and our world.

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