Transcendence Collective

Transcendence Collective

A New Era In Human Potential

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If you want a life of power, influence and freedom, you need to create it!

Over putting in a 100-hour grind every week? Now, it is about focusing on becoming the highest version of yourself to 10x your productivity doing what you LOVE!

Dr Lisa Turner

This is for you if you want to learn how to:

  • Unapologetically activate your superstar status & attract high-value opportunities like a bee to honey!

  • Ditch the hustle & make 5 - 10 times more than you are now

  • Chanel your AI (Angelic Intelligence) so you can remain focused and fully resourced to get shizzz done

  • Build your energy system so you can hold more energy, allowing you to stop bleeding away success

  • LIVE and BREATHE life into your Highest Calling - effortlessly!

It’s time to enter your ‘Conscious Leader’ phase!

>Discover which stage you’re operating from in the 7 Stages of Transcendent Awakening<

Our Transcendence Collective is for All High-Achieving Transformational Leaders

Ask Yourself

  • Do you want people to rise to meet you at the highest level of frequency you carry?

  • Do you want to make your BIG vision a reality while having fun along the way?

  • Do you find yourself sliding back into the cultural collective level of awakening?

  • Do you desire to exponentially amplify your results with a strategic roadmap towards those ‘big picture’ goals?

  • Do you want to know what that *something* is that will put all the pieces of the puzzle into place?

STOP! The most successful individuals understand that becoming truly remarkable starts by preparing

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It's time to get strategic!

Most of the buzz you read online about leadership is a waste of time.

It’s not enough to work hard to get ahead anymore.

It’s not enough to raise consciousness without a plan to use it.

It’s not enough to charge more without the skills to back it up!

We’re in a new era of human potential.

You might have a sense the world is going to need a LOT of healing very soon.

And you want to be at the leading edge of this transformational wave about sweeping the planet.

If you want to build a coaching practice that serves your clients at the deepest level while supporting your income and lifestyle goals…

…and finally, charging what you’re worth because you have the skills and results to back it up. Then the Transcendence Collective is your way to get there.

"I knew in which direction I wanted to go, I just didn’t have the belief inside me to truly let my idea take off. Lisa has been amazing in getting my mind in the right place to achieve things well beyond what I thought initially!"

  • Transcendent Client

PLUS! We’re always updating our juicy new trainings and revealing the industry’s best-kept secrets such as…

  • Downloading the Blueprint of Perfect Health

  • Creating Sigils and sacred symbols

  • Manifesting Energy Activation
    – clearing the path of manifestation and activating the four bodies

  • Shamanic Medicine Wheel for power, protection, healing, awakening

  • Altered States and Journeying

  • Soul Name and Life’s Purpose

  • Transcendent states and flow states

Are YOU our Next Conscious Leader?

Why work with me?

Your 5-Star Transcendent Team Awaits!
Led by Spiritual Master Dr Lisa Turner

Lisa is an authority in the spiritual community. As a best-selling author and spiritual teacher to thousands of spiritual practitioners around the world, Lisa is known for her fierce fusion of high-level mindset work, no-nonsense approach to spirituality, elevating people to places even science can’t explain yet and supporting her clients to live in authentic alignment. Her 20+ years of experience in running a consciousness-raising company, coupled with a deep knowledge of mind-body medicine, make Lisa’s approach to independent coaches and practitioners unique and powerful.

Lisa works at warp speed with laser-sharp focus and precision to get you the results you’re looking for in your practice. She is the epitome of heart, soul and fire combined. She transforms their ideas and visions into leveraged courses, programs and transformational processes that make bank! Lisa’s expertise and thought leadership has been featured in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including:

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