What makes a powerful client?

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

World renowned visionary, author, high-performance mindset trainer for coaches to elevate skills, empower clients to achieve their maximum potential

Often, clients seek out a Coach with the belief that it’s the coach’s responsibility to get them results.

The real truth to getting amazing results from coaching is you HAVE to show up as a powerful client.

If you are expecting someone else to do the work, you likely won’t get the results.

If you’re waiting on the sidelines to be saved, then you don’t need a coach – you need a knight in shining armour or someone to wave that magic wand.

A coach can’t save or fix you and nor should you want them to. If that were true, would you be in a place of empowerment?

Here are my top 3 things that make a very powerful client:

  1. The belief that you are the creator of your world. This means challenging yourself on the reasons why you haven’t yet got in life what you really want, also known as giving up your excuses or reasons why you can’t. This is not about blame or fault, just spotting the causes and learning from your past actions.
  2. Taking responsibility for your results. Yes you heard that correctly, and I say this with love. YOU are in the driving seat for your results. An excellent coach will guide you lovingly all the way, but YOU take responsibility.
  3. Being prepared to go deep, most likely deeper than you’ve ever been before, allowing curiosity and vulnerability to show up, to get to that root cause of what’s stopping you having the life you want, stretching yourself to gain more conscious awareness.

This is what gets clients significantly higher results, this is what makes a powerful client.

If you’re willing to step up and take responsibility, it’s one of the most powerful, transformational things you can do for yourself.

Here at CETfreedom we are all about empowerment. I know change can feel like a challenge. My life’s work creating CET is to help people easily remove their resistance to LOVE, creating expansion & growth.

Dr Lisa Turner


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