What makes a great practitioner?

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When having a deep tissue massage, a good massage therapist will know where the pain points are. They will adjust their pressure and speed of the touch to accommodate, and they will warn you and invite you to take a deep breath. And then go there, easing off, then going deeper again. They’ll repeat this till the knot is worked out and your muscles can move freely again.

Then there’s the other type, who go deep everywhere, but they don’t notice when you’re wincing with pain. If they do, they make no comment or accommodation – they just keep digging. If you tell them it’s hurting, they’ll lighten the pressure, but they do that everywhere so no knots are worked out, and the massage turns into an oily rubdown and nothing more.

Great practitioners are like:

  • • Highly skilled massage therapists.
  • • They find the pain points and, usually, they have a pretty good idea where they are.
  • • They gently reassure the client about what will happen.

A CET practitioner will say something like this, “I’m going to ask you a lot of questions. The reason I’m asking is so we can find the limitation, that belief you made about yourself, or the world, that is now holding you back. The only way I know to find this is to ask you questions. Some of these questions will be strange, and some you’ll likely never have been asked before. Some won’t make sense, and any time you wonder where this is going, you’ll know it’s because we’re going to find the pain point so that we can release it.”

There’s one way that CET works differently. We don’t need to know what happened. We don’t need the story or the experience, and you don’t need to relive it or even remember it.

Now, in order to find the pain, we do have to take you there, but we won’t linger there. We only go there so we can find it, recognize it, and then release it. The release is quick and almost pain free – a matter of minutes vs the years you’ve likely spent trying to avoid it, but we can’t avoid the pain altogether.

So here’s my promise to you: we are going to do this together. I will be as gentle and as firm as necessary, and I will be with you every step of the way, walking beside you.

I won’t be standing at the edge of the pit you’ve found yourself in through no fault of your own. I will climb down into the pit with you, but I will be holding the rope so I can swing us both out as soon as we find the cause. I will climb down and go with you all the way, as deep as we need to, as deep as the pain point is.

I will find the cause of your trauma, I will find the root cause of all those limiting and problem patterns that repeat in your life. I will go with you, together, to find the cause, and release it. You are never alone. I will always be with you. I will have zero judgment of you, your beliefs or your trauma, because I’ve probably been there, either myself or with someone else; and if, by some miracle, the cause of your trauma is somehow different and utterly unique, then I won’t judge. I’ll celebrate!

(Yes really) We can clear it so you can be FREE of it, and then we’ll release it, whatever we find, and we WILL find it. We will clear it. So it is gone for good.

Your nervous system will heal and reset for joy and love. Your mind will re-programme itself for expansion and creativity and love.

You will find yourself able to be, do, and have more of what you most deeply desire. The pain will not only be gone, it will be as if you NEVER had it.

This is what I do with my clients. CET has a 96% success rate. This is what makes a great practitioner, and this is what we teach our CET practitioners.

Dr Lisa Turner


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