What is a Transcendent State?

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Have you ever had an experience where time seemed to stretch out and then, blink, when suddenly you were pulled from the now, and you felt immersed in a state of joy? Or maybe you were overwhelmed with a euphoric feeling during everyday life that made you feel powerful?

There are many states of consciousness that we go through in our daily lives. Although waking consciousness is the state where most of our daily activity takes place, there are different levels of awareness as well.

But what is a transcendent state? And how does it differ from a peak state? And why would you want to have one?

A transcendent state is a bit like a peak experience where there’s a profound sense of ease, a profound sense of joy in whatever it is you’re doing, rather than the outcome that you get. So, it’s not about the outcome, it’s about the doing, and the doing brings joy.

It’s not about the outcome, it’s about the doing, and the doing brings joy.

Like when you’re playing a sport or making music or painting or whatever—you’re just so into what you’re doing that you don’t even notice how long it’s been going on or how much time has gone by.

And then suddenly someone says “Wow! This has been going on for HOURS!” and you realize that time has passed without you really noticing it at all.

A transcendent state is one in which you feel like your consciousness has expanded beyond its usual boundaries.

  • You may have a sense of unity with the universe, or with other people, or with yourself.
  • You may experience time slowing down or speeding up.
  • You may feel that you’re having an out-of-body experience, or that you’re traveling through space and time.

It’s important to note that not all peak experiences are transcendent states—there are plenty of experiences where you feel blissful and content without any sense of fundamental change, growth, or wisdom gained from the experience.

With a transcendent state, you experience an epiphany. A new revelation or insight – this is beyond what you currently “know”. New insight is accessed as the ideas, thoughts and information bytes are combined in new ways to give a completely new understanding or revelation.

When you return to normal consciousness and regular life, there is a period of integration as the new insights need to be interpreted and applied, the brain is usually changed.

This is as a result of a combination of the state, the learning that took place during the state, and the new insight being integrated into the neural pathways.

You notice you are different. You want to behave, experience and do things differently.

You respond to your external circumstances differently. These changes are permanent, significant and positive. You are better and happier as a result of a transcendent state

It’s the long-term change that makes it a transcendent state and not just a peak or flow state.

The reason it seems so special upon reflection is because, suddenly and unexpectedly, our awareness shifts. 

We become acutely aware of how beautiful everything around us is, and how connected we are to everything around us, and then, somehow, it all seems so simple. 

Our problems become smaller, our goals more attainable, and our sense of purpose clearer than ever before.

The truth is, we all possess access to these experiences, but they’re just not recognised as such when they occur. 

Here at CETFreedom, understanding and learning how to create these experiences is key to expansion, learning, growth and fits perfectly with CET, as CET can facilitate a transcendent state too!

Just imagine the possibilities!

Dr Lisa Turner


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