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Dear Reader 

I want to start by saying “I love you” 

I know! I know! It’s an unconventional way to start, but if nothing else, I tend towards the unconventional. As you might notice later… 

For now, just know, that you are loved.  

Unconditionally loved.  

I love you for being here 

I love you for reading or not reading 

I love you for applying what you’ll learn here or not. 

I love you no matter what.  

I don’t need to know you or anything about you in order to love you.  

I know you might find this odd, but for now, just allow yourself to know you’re’ loved 

For me love is life! If you’re alive, you are infinite love, and for that I love you! 

Why Are You Here?

There are two reasons you might find what I’m sharing interesting.  

You might be in one of two groups of people…



Who is this for?

You might be a coach, healer, therapist, or some kind of practitioner working with clients. You might be a therapist, NLP-er Hypnotherapist, a body worker, energy healer or something similar

You might be just starting to work with clients or thinking of starting or already be highly skilled.

And maybe you know there is still more, you could go deeper and serve your clients better. You want to want to achieve better results with your clients in less time?

If this is you, you’re in the right place

Kate had a £60,000 launch after completing CET!

I had the absolute pleasure of doing a CET session with Lisa back in May of 2020. At the time, I had been struggling with sales in my business since early in the year. I have a mostly ‘live event’ based business, so Covid 19 and the pandemic impacted my sales and business growth greatly. I was feeling so discouraged, and really wanting to give up. This is a business I’ve been running for the past 5 years – and it’s not just a business; it’s my passion, my purpose, the love of my life. But things were HARD and I was worried I was going to have to shut the doors.

After going through Conscious Emotional Transformation, I magically re-connected with an old friend who offered to help me put together my first online masterclass.  I felt more confident than ever, effortlessly put together the masterclass and attracted 140 women to attend it in less than a week! Following the Masterclass…my sales started climbing. It ended up being a $60,000 + launch.  My business is now THRIVING, and I couldn’t be happier. I am so grateful for the magical work of Conscious Emotional Transformation, – it’s life changing.  Kate

Are you a seeker?

You know you have negative emotions from the past.

You might know this based on a variety of symptoms.

Anything from a mild feeling of discontentment:

Frustration, disappointment in life, you might have low self-confidence, or lack self-esteem;

Or you might have deep feelings of unworthiness.

Maybe you struggle to assert yourself or ask for what you want

You find yourself overreacting to minor events or small slights

Maybe you just find yourself lacking motivation

Procrastinating, brain fog

Just a subtle feeling of knowing there’s more – but not knowing how to reach that

You would love to be free of these emotions from your past

You want to be happier, experience more joy

Feel lighter, be more spontaneous, laugh more, attract better relationships, better job, better health .

Good news – you’re in the right place!

Or – maybe you’re a little bit of both

You want to help both yourself AND others 

Whichever group you’re in, you’re in the right place

Who is Conscious Emotional Transformation Certification For?

Would you like to release pain, trauma, negative emotions, limiting beliefs so that you can experience a happier, more successful life?

If you want all of this…

You’re in the right place

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Why Take The Conscious Emotional Transformation Training Program?

What is Conscious Emotional Transformation?

Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET) is a revolutionary and profound emotional release and healing technology.

CET enables you to quickly, easily and painlessly release negative emotions such as anger, sadness fear, hurt and guilt. It permanently deletes limiting decisions like: I’m unworthy, I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable, I can’t learn, or any other limiting belief at all.

There are many techniques and therapies that release emotions and energy. They work in one of two ways.

Changing the thoughts and behaviour by working with the neurology:

These techniques release the emotion and change neurological pathways in the mind, changing thoughts, behaviours and beliefs. The client gains understanding of their problems. Emotions associated with their past are significantly reduced and even eliminated.

Energy healing which focuses on releasing the energy:

These therapies focus on releasing and rebalancing the energy component of an emotional problem.

The energy is discharged where it is in excess, and replenished where it is depleted. As a result the client feels significantly better.

How is the Conscious Emotional Transformation Certified Practitioner Training Delivered?

The Conscious Emotional Transformation Certified Practitioner training is delivered entirely virtually

You’ll be guided through the 6 steps above via:

Pre-recorded videos

Live Q&A sessions

Practice sessions

A private online forum

Group coaching sessions

Each week the material will build on the last allowing you to progress through the course in a way that is manageable and making everything easy to understand.

What will I learn on the Conscious Emotional Transformation Certified Practitioner Training?



In this bonus you will learn the fundamentals necessary to start or grow your professional CET practice 

You’ll receive the template for a programme enabling profound therapeutic intervention for your client. Including how many sessions, how long and exactly what do to in each session.

You will learn how to exactly explain what you do as a CET practitioner that will make it easy for your ideal clients or prospects to say yes, easily, to working with you.

CET releases both The Energy AND the Emotion

Conscious Emotional Transformation addresses both the energetic and neurological components of trauma and emotional pain from the past.

If a therapy changes the neurology without releasing the energy, the energy may cause the neurology to revert to the original problem state.

If a therapy releases the energy, but doesn’t change the thought processes that lead to that build-up of energy, the energy just builds up again over time.

In both cases the therapies work but are incomplete. The emotion can appear to either not be released completely or to return shortly after.

CET both repairs the neurology AND releases and re-balances the energy.

As a result, the emotion is released and the problem is removed for good!

The results are deep, profound and permanent.

HOW Does CET work?

CET works by applying a few fundamental principles 

Rather than removing “negative” emotions. CET works from the principle that there is only one emotional energy, which we’ll call love. You could also call it energy, chi, life-force, essence, prana or any other term you like. We’ll be using the words “love” or “energy”.

The next premise we work from is that you are an infinite being, with an infinite number of energy channels or neurological pathways. In an ideal state, love should flow freely and infinitely throughout your entire being.

BUT sometimes we experience a painful, unpleasant or traumatic event, during which a resistance or block is installed. (there’s more to it than this but I’m simplifying here)

With one or more of your energy channels blocked, damaged or constricted, energy can’t flow through this channel.

What you FEEL then is the resistance to love.

This feeling of resistance is what we’ve been taught to label a “negative emotion”

There are many therapies that focus on releasing the congested energy. BUT what if you could release the resistance so that love can flow easily?

This is what CET does.

Negative Emotions As Resistance to Love

All negative emotions are resistance to love. Here is how they become labelled.

Anger is the feeling you feel, if somebody does something to you that you perceive as unloving. E.g. when you’re driving and someone cuts you up on the motorway.

Sadness is the feeling when you think you have lost something or someone you love. E.g. that end of a lovely holiday feeling.

Fear is the feeling that you might lose something you love. E.g. fear of getting sick, losing your job.

Hurt is the feeling that love was withheld or rejected. E.g. not being invited to a party, or you do something loving and people reject what you offer.

Guilt is the feeling that you didn’t love someone else enough or that you did something un-loving.

All of these emotions can be released with CET. Leaving you clear to be fully present to the love that is here for you right now

Initiation into Conscious Emotional Transformation

Conscious Emotional Transformation is a psyco-spiritual technology that goes beyond the human experience, beyond the mind or ego. The energy of CET is beyond the three-dimensional understanding of our human existence which is what makes CET work.

You will gain access to a far higher form of energy, consciousness, and wisdom, than most people ever experience. This energy is beyond the Higher Self.

The initiation in itself is extremely powerful and transformational.

Once initiated, you will be able to work beyond the higher self, both yours and your clients. Beyond the Higher Self the client is perfect. There is no resistance.

Essentially this energy restores the client to the perfection of the higher-self where infinite wisdom knowledge energy can be accessed.

You literally “Re-Source” yourself and your client.

What If You Became a Certified Conscious Emotional
Transformation Practitioner?

Imagine feeling healed and whole and complete.

Imagine being free from the emotional pain of all and any past trauma or traumatic events, and being able to share this with others.

Imagine experiencing a life of joy, success, and being able to create their health, relationships, friendships, and work environment that you desire and deserve.

Imagine being able to help others in an empowering way.

Imagine going from struggling therapist being underpaid, unrewarded and underperforming to a successful CETfreedom Conscious Emotional Transformation Practitioner where you command high fees for creating profound transformation, becoming renowned for the work and healing you do for your clients and your community.

Imagine raising the consciousness of the planet


Conscious Emotional Transformation can be used to release all and any emotional pain from the past whether you might label this as trauma or just an unhappy event.

Conscious Emotional Transformation is certainly very powerful, and a revolutionary emotional release technology does, however, have its limitations:

The client must be completely willing to release the emotions. CET can only release what the client is aware of. CET cannot remove symptoms, the cause of the problem without identification through questioning. Release the cause and the symptoms disappear.

CET does require the full participation of the client. They must actively participate and follow the instructions. CET cannot be done passively by the client. The client must remain conscious, willing, and play an active role in the process.

CET doesn’t work if the client is unwilling to change.

CET cannot release problems that are ongoing. For example if the client’s negative emotions are because they are in an unhappy situation, their emotions are there to let them know there is some action to take to change their life.

No. CET Certification training is a standalone training. You’ll learn everything you need become a Certified CET Practitioner.

No. CET Certification training is a standalone training. You’ll learn everything you need become a Certified CET Practitioner.

Hmm. Sounds like there’s a limiting belief in there somewhere. That would be perfect to bring to CET!

It might be. Certainly, on CET training you will get to experience profound self-healing.

We find that those who understand the process at a professional level, are able to release and heal to an even deeper level with greater ease. Only you will know what’s right for you.

You may prefer to join one of the other programmes, designed for people who want to experience CET and benefit from the healing but not wishing to practice.

* CET Group Coaching

* CET Group VIP

* CET 1:1

(Full details coming soon)

It might be. Certainly, on CET trainingAgain. only you will know what’s right for you. However the beauty and power of CET is that the clearing work increases the amount of energy you have available, and the initiation enables you to access even more Source energy. Most students find the CET training highly energising.

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