Spiritual paradoxes that make no sense

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

World renowned visionary, author, high-performance mindset trainer for coaches to elevate skills, empower clients to achieve their maximum potential

In the 90s and 00s there was a wave of new age. New belief. New healing paradigms. 

We were allowed and encouraged to experience spirit in our own way.

To be free of the shackles of dogma of most organized religions.

To be US. I can be me. You can be you.

We can be different and still accepted. Accept each other and accept ourselves.

There was less judgment. More love. More growth.

Then in the 2010s, I noticed a little dogma start to creep in.

There were accepted beliefs. Protocols. And ideas. And if you didn’t adhere religiously to them, you were judged and rejected, berated and slated.

I also noticed just how contradictory so many of these beliefs were.

For example:

Paradox of protection

You’re the creator of your universe and all your experiences.


You have to have protection, because there are evil energies and entities that are out to get you. You could be under psychic attack.

So did I create the evil spirits?

Paradox of wealth

Be a healer. Quit your job. But don’t charge. Ever.  Be poor. It’s not spiritual to be rich.

BUT… Manifest all the wealth you want, because you deserve abundance.

It seems it’s OK to HAVE money, just not to earn it or charge for spiritual services.

The paradox of science

Science & technology is bad and probably wrong. Nature is best.


Spiritual theories can be proven with SCIENCE! Which I’ll share via social media (tech) via my new smart phone (also tech).

I could also add that lots of things in nature are poisonous and that science has made a lot of people’s lives better too.

The paradox of healing and money.

Big pharma are only in it for the money.

BUT also:

“Buy these supplements from my favorite wellness influencer”.

Are they not in it for the money?

These are just a few.

It’s confusing.

And that’s because there are few things that are absolutes.

I believe it’s time that we embraced more subtleties. To explore a more nuanced, complex and subtle approach.

And to be open to paradoxes

  • • It’s possible to be pro science. AND to love and trust nature.
  • • It’s possible to be deeply intuitive AND to use logic and rational thinking.
  • • It’s possible to know big pharma are out to make a profit but that many medicines can still help and save lives.
  • • It’s possible to know that many doctors get it wrong and deny the power of belief and natural healing modalities And know that some medicines save lives.
  • • It’s possible to be healed by alternative therapies and still see your doctor.
  • • It’s possible to charge what your spiritual service is worth in a karmically balanced way and still be ethical.
  • • It’s possible to navigate both.

Not only is it possible, it’s necessary.

Because when we can embrace and acknowledge both sides of seemingly contradictory perspectives, then we are truly thinking for ourselves.

It’s when we insist that one rule always applies that we fall into the trap of dogma.

Dogma of science or Dogma of spirituality. Neither are right and both will restrict us.

Don’t replace the dogma of science with the dogma of spirituality.

Instead, learn to be your own guide.

Learn to navigate paradoxes.

Use what works, rather than what you have been told is the truth.

I would love to hear what you think about this. Please share some paradoxes you have observed. And how you navigate them too. www.facebook.com/cetfreedom

With love,

Dr Lisa Turner


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