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Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

World renowned visionary, author, high-performance mindset trainer for coaches to elevate skills, empower clients to achieve their maximum potential

I recently published the second edition of my book “I Loved A Peadophile”, where I share how I was groomed, trafficked and held as a virtual house prisoner for 5 years in my teens.

It took me a long time to acknowledge the depths of what I’d experienced.

It took even longer for me to recover. I took a lot of wrong turns. I tried a lot of therapies and healing methods that didn’t really work, or only worked a bit. Then I went deep into what really does work and why and how to apply this to any trauma. I call it Conscious Emotional Transformation™ and it does what its name says. It not only clears emotional pain but removes the cause of it. For good!

CET doesn’t only take you from broken to healed, but reCETs you so it is as if you were never hurt. You are completely restored.

As you can probably tell, I’m really proud of this discovery and method and it’s something I believe really does have the ability to change everything. Hurt people hurt. Angry people are violent. If we can heal individuals, we can heal our species and restore us to our beautiful loving state.

Which is why I decided to publish this new edition of my book.

But it scared me, a little.

What was I afraid of? And why did I decide to publish anyway?

Would my experiences be viewed as “not that bad” and compared to other people’s? 

But that’s an important message for anyone who is or has been in a manipulative, abusive relationship. It doesn’t matter how bad it is or isn’t, was or wasn’t. If it’s making you unhappy. That’s bad enough!

I was afraid readers would judge me for the explicit descriptions of sexual abuse.

But I felt it was important, as so few ever describe what actually happens. The messages of thanks from other survivors tell me this was the right thing to do.

I was scared people would assume now I’m free, I’m fine.

But that’s one of the myths about abusive relationships I want to bust. It’s a massive oversimplification. Once you’re free, you’re free to start your healing journey.  That’s the beginning, not the end, when the long road to healing begins. And that should never be underestimated.

I was afraid people would ask “why didn’t you just leave?”

I was even asked this when I was interviewed on the BBC. But that’s why this book is so needed. To explain that mind control goes on in any and all abusive relationships.  By the time you’re emotionally and mentally enslaved, you’re so stuck that physical restrains are completely unnecessary.

So it’s here. The book is out!

You can get it here if you’re in the UK 

And here if you’re in the US 

I have two small requests for you.

Firstly, would you purchase the book and leave a review?

And would you share what holds you back?

With love,

Dr Lisa Turner

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