Let’s celebrate YOU as a Spiritual Leader

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

A renowned visionary, author, channel, and master spiritual teacher, who has shared her proven spiritual technology with over 30,000 spiritual practitioners worldwide.

To all the spiritual people who are seeing what’s going on in the world, but are not turning away because it lowers your vibe…

I celebrate you!

You are a spiritual leader!

You are brave and wonderful!

Because what the world needs now is people who are BOTH spiritual AND powerful.

We’ve seen what a world is like when led by leaders with power who are not connected to their higher self.

We need the spiritual, compassionate, conscious, higher-self-connected ones to STAY in the world. Not run and escape from it.

Now is when your work is most needed. Healers, stay and heal. Conscious coaches, stay and coach. Inspired mentors, stay and mentor. Connected leaders, stay and lead.

Whatever it is, that’s your calling.

Whatever it is that you know is yours to do.

Now is the time to stay and do it.

Those who are asking, What’s mine to do? And doing it.

I bloody love you!

Dr Lisa Turner

Let me and others know – what are you saying and doing? No matter how big or how small, it matters. Please share by replying to this email or posting on my page: www.facebook.com/cetfreedom


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