Are you willing to do the hard things?

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Dr Lisa Turner

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Last month I spent three days being tortured!

No not literally, it just felt like it!

I had to sit in extremely uncomfortable positions and remain completely still, without moving for hours at a time.

I was forced to read from a script.

If I didn’t get it right, I had to start again, and read it correctly.

If I didn’t read it with the right voice intonation and conveying the appropriate emotion, enthusiasm, compassion, light vivacity, sombre respect etc, I had to read it again.

I had to repeat any mistake until it was perfect.

Then I had to spend hours and hours doing fine detail manipulation of sound wave files, drawing on every ounce of tech knowledge I had for video and audio editing.

I spent 3 days doing this.

Each day was over 12 hours.

It felt like torture.

It kind of was!

I emerged exhausted, with aching limbs and my head spinning.

No I wasn’t held prisoner or kidnapped or held hostage!

Nor was I forced to do these things not by any external agency or person.

It was only my own internal drive and willpower.

What I spent those three days doing was recording videos, then editing the recordings for a new program we have just launched.

In my business, CETfreedom I LOVE 90% of what I do. it’s fun, rewarding, challenging, stimulating and interesting.

I love writing my books and articles like this one

I love coaching, and teaching my groups and individuals. Actually, I really, love love love the teaching!

Although recording videos seems to be very similar to the things I love (writing, speaking) with only a bit of tech peppered in, for some reason I find it deeply draining. Perhaps it’s because it’s not live and lacks any response or interaction from an audience. Even an audience hating what I say is at least helpful feedback.

But with only a blank screen I’m left with only my imagination as to how my message is being received.

Pre-recording videos is my absolute LEAST favourite thing to do of the entire list of things that need doing to run my business.

And yet I do it.

I do it because sometimes it’s the best way I can serve my clients.

I do it because I love my clients

I do it because it’s necessary to give the support my clients deserve.

I do what I dislike because I love my clients.

And yes, it’s also for me as it enables me to express and live my life’s purpose.

Taking aligned action doesn’t always mean doing what’s fun, easy, and glamorous.

Sometimes aligned action looks like hard work.

Sometimes aligned action is stressful or boring.

If I don’t do these things my vision is compromised.

I hear a lot of talk about self-care. one comment was that self-care is when we don’t do the things that stress us. I disagree. Self-care is doing the things that will serve us and enable us to live our purpose.

I can now celebrate that these are done!

I can self-care with my swim at the pool or clifftop walk with my dog. I can spend time in my art studio. I can have my massage and relax in the knowledge that these recordings are done.

If everyone stopped doing the things that they didn’t like just because they were hard, where would we be?

Is it OK for the Doctor, who doesn’t like giving bad news to the family of their patient to just not do that?

No it’s part of the job

Is it Ok for a leader to only give their team the good feedback and tell them they’re doing great when they’re not? No that doesn’t serve anyone. The team and business will ultimately fail.

Somethings aligned action means doing hard things that are worth it.

When we do hard things, they get easier. I still don’t enjoy recording but compared to how stressful I used to find it 10 years ago it’s a breeze! Just one with a bad smell on it! it’s now maybe a 5 / 10, dropped from an 11 / 10.

I am fortunate that I have some great mindset tools that enable me to neutralise the bigger blocks.

Mindset tools that have the potential to change everyone’s life for the better.

And that’s exactly why I tortured myself with recordings. So I can share these tools with you and others.

CETfree means we can make doing hard things a little easier.

If you haven’t joined yet then you still can.


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