Peace Maker, War Maker, Change Maker… which one are you?

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

A renowned visionary, author, channel, and master spiritual teacher, who has shared her proven spiritual technology with over 30,000 spiritual practitioners worldwide.

I’ve observed there are three ways I see people showing up in the world. Read on and let me know which one you think you might be.

The Peace Makers

The peace makers try to make peace with the world.

They then try to make peace with the situation.

They might meditate, say affirmations, or use positive thinking to work towards feeling ok about the world. They hope that if they could just feel ok and positive enough, then the world might change around them.

It might change their mood and state temporarily, but big change rarely happens without action.

The world is still the same and doesn’t work.

So they mediate more and say more affirmations.

Every time they find something that doesn’t work, they meditate and say more affirmations.

They try to ignore the inequality, the racism, the poverty, the homelessness, the wars, the famines, the environment (fill in your personal challenge).

The peace maker is essentially trying to escape from a world that doesn’t work.

The peace maker seeks inner peace and works hard to ensure the outer conflict doesn’t affect their inner peace.

The War Makers

The war maker isn’t willing to sit silently while there are problems in the world.

They see the problems and challenges and they speak out.

They will tell and share with anyone and everyone all the injustices, the awful things that are going on and being done to us.


They don’t actually do anything.

They talk.

They share the memes.

The war maker will exclaim “look what THEY are doing! Someone should do something”. 

They serve the purpose of raising awareness, but that is rarely enough.

The Change Makers

The change maker is someone who sees what they don’t like and changes it.

Sometimes they will inspire change.

Sometimes they just change things.

Including changing and creating change themselves.

The change maker will take the risks needed to create the change.

They’ll invest in themselves.

They’re willing to become invisible, even if it’s not comfortable.

They’re willing to become a leader.

They’re willing to do what’s needed to make a difference.

They’re willing to do what makes others uncomfortable.

To do more than speak out.

To take action.

If you’re a change maker,

You’re also a visionary.

Because you’re holding the vision AND taking the action to create the change to land that vision.

We’re all a bit of all three. We all have a bit of peace maker, war maker and change maker in us.

And we are different depending on the situation and our circumstances.

So where do you show up as each one of these?

Which one are you?

What is it you seek to change?

Join us.

Let’s work together.

Let’s make the world a better place.

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With love,


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