The Wisdom in the Cradle: Motherhood and Caring as acts of Spiritual Service

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I want to shine a light on the often-overlooked spiritual journey of motherhood and caregiving – a path woven deeply into the daily rhythms of many, yet seldom celebrated in the ways it truly deserves.

The wisdom in the cradle:

In the quiet hours before dawn, when a mother rises to feed her child, in the tender moments caring for a sick little one, in the daily acts of cooking meals, knitting, sewing, washing clothes, here lies the heart of unconditional love.

After a day with my grandchildren (2 years and 4 weeks), and watching my daughter wrangle a toddler, tandem breastfeed, caring, loving, offering her loving attention, I see achingly tender acts of spiritual service. Beyond the physical care, the constant concern for the emotional needs of her little family. Are they happy? Is something troubling them? What do they need? What will they need next? The depth of love and care is heart-bursting!

I notice this contrast with how patriarchal and “hard” much of spiritual development has become.

Society often glorifies the spiritual path as one of intense meditation, sacrifice, and compassion taught through structured practice. But for mothers, and indeed all caregivers, these aren’t practices; they are the essence of daily life. Each meal prepared, each tear wiped away, each night spent soothing a troubled dream—these are profound acts of love and spiritual service.

Women, and those in nurturing roles, and all dedicated caregivers, embody a powerful spirit. They don’t need lessons on unconditional love—they live it, breath by breath, task by task. There is no need for heroic spiritual acts, no vision quests through the night; they live this reality through every moment spent in loving service, whether sitting quietly with a child or attending to the needs of others.

Rather than raving for those who do their daily ice-bath or hours of breath work, meditation, or spiritual quests, let’s take a moment to celebrate and honour this truth: spiritual work isn’t something added to our day; it is something that we can LIVE every day, through the expression of caring, and taking our responsibilities. Women and caregivers are not performing a lesser spiritual practice; they are embodying it, deeply integrated into their actions and sacrifices.

To all the mothers and caregivers, your life is a living prayer, your actions a powerful sermon heard by the hearts of those you nurture. You are not ‘less than’ spiritual; you are the very embodiment of it. Your daily dedication is the real transformative journey. 

Thank you for embracing the profound spirituality of your role. Let us continue to support and honour each other in this shared journey of love and care.

With all my respect and admiration.

Lisa, X

I hope this message finds you in good spirits and surrounded by love.

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