The Curse of Being Strong

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Can you relate to this?

You’ve done the work, you’ve found success, you have great coping strategies, you’ve worked through your trauma.

In a crisis, you’re the person others rely on. Everyone comes to you as their trusted source of comfort, support and advice.

You’re the rock that others lean on.

You’re strong.

Sounds great doesn’t it….

But, just as being strong and emotionally resilient is the power behind your success, it has a dark side too.

  • • With people looking to you as the trusted source of comfort in times of need, any missteps or mistakes that arise are often also attributed solely to you —leading them to expect more out of each situation than is feasible.
  • • Because you’re so competent and capable, you make things look so easy. Anytime someone needs something, they’ll come to you. They have no clue about all the hard work and effort you put into making things look so easy. As a result, they don’t understand why you would say “no”. They might even get angry. After all, “why can’t you do this one small thing!!”
  • • In a crisis, everyone looks to you. You find yourself making all the decisions, solving all the problems, which often leads to a lack of accountability and decision-making among the people around you.
  • • You never get a pass, even on an off day. People expect you to be perfect, strong and there for them all the time. It’s exhausting.
  • • You’re put on a pedestal. Others almost worship you and hang on every word you say. But when anything goes wrong, when they realise you’re not superhuman, they attack you, blame you and judge you.
  • • People seem to be irresistibly drawn towards you – one request for assistance inevitably multiplies into a seemingly endless burden of obligations, with no regard for your time and effort.
  • • Some people expect you to rescue them. Time and time again. But when you don’t, either because you can’t, or you know it will disempower them, they turn on you, weaponizing their victimhood. Now their problem is somehow your fault.

So how can you manage this?

  1. Communicate your boundaries: Clearly and assertively communicate your boundaries and expectations for how you want to be treated, including how you expect others to respect your time.
  2. Set limits on your availability: If someone is consistently interrupting your schedule or demanding too much of your time, it may be necessary to limit your availability to them.
  3. Encourage independence: Try to encourage the person to develop their own interests and abilities, and to not rely on you too much.
  4. Be honest: If someone is idolising you or putting you up on a pedestal, it’s important to be honest with them and let them know that you are not perfect and have flaws like everyone else.
  5. Find a mentor or group of highly evolved people to connect with for supportive advice and mentorship. You need someone to turn to so you get your needs met too.

It’s important to remember that you have the right to set boundaries, to say no and to have control over your own time and energy.

Being assertive in communicating your needs, whilst showing empathy and understanding, is the key.

Are you a Jupiter?

If you find yourself experiencing any of the above, you might be a Jupiter. A Jupiter is a highly evolved leader who is no longer willing to go half in on your mission, one foot in, one foot out. You know it’s time to accelerate your impact and results and all the yummy monetary and lifestyle rewards that come with that.

We are calling in the Jupiters now.

I’m bringing together a small group of visionary leaders, who want to receive and actualise your personal Angelic Intelligence (AI) so you can increase your impact, influence, power, wealth, health and joy.

Your Angelic Intelligence (AI) is a highly evolved stream of consciousness created from source, personally for you. It is installed within your neurology, so you can channel it any time, at will, and access energy, wisdom, insights, answers and power that are an order-of-magnitude and multiple dimensions higher than you can even imagine possible.

You’ll need to have some things in place first:

  • • Know your soul’s purpose and vision, or at least have a very good idea about what it is.
  • • Have your money stuff sorted. If you have any scarcity or lack running, (it’s OK, we have other offerings for you, but this one isn’t for you now).
  • • Want limitless energy and flow and to experience transcendence on demand.
  • • Want an unshakable mindset, so you can stay clear of the collective fear, panic and negative programming that runs in the collective unconscious right now.

If you’re a Jupiter, then hit reply or e-mail me on for more information.

Dr Lisa Turner



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