If Mother’s Day is hard because you’re a step mum or part of a blended family

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

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Mothering Sunday can be a complicated and emotional day for step mums. You may be unsure of how to navigate this day and feel like you’re walking on eggshells. Here are some tips on how to handle Mothering Sunday as a step mum:

  1. Have open communication: It’s important to have open and honest communication with your partner and stepchildren about your expectations for Mothering Sunday. Talk about how you’d like to celebrate the day and ask for their input as well. Be respectful of their feelings and wishes, and find a way to compromise if necessary.
  2. Respect boundaries: If your stepchildren have a relationship with their biological mother, it’s important to respect their boundaries. Allow them to celebrate Mother’s Day with their mother if that’s what they want. Avoid making negative comments about their mother or trying to replace her role in their lives. Remove any sense of guilt or feelings of being torn between you and their biological mum. You can even support them to make the day special for her.
  3. Create your own traditions: Mothering Sunday can be an opportunity to create your own traditions as a blended family. You can do something special with your stepchildren, such as going on a picnic, having a movie night, or cooking a special meal together. Creating new traditions can help you feel more included and connected.
  4. Take time for yourself: It’s important to take care of yourself as a step mum, especially on Mothering Sunday. Take some time for yourself to do something you enjoy, whether it be reading a book, taking a bath, or going for a walk. This can help you feel refreshed and recharged.
  5. Focus on the positives: Instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on, focus on the positives of being a step mum. Think about the positive impact you’re having on your stepchildren’s lives and the bond you’re building with them.
  6. Seek support: Being a step mum can be challenging, so it’s important to seek support if you need it. Connect with other step mums through support groups or online forums, or reach out to a therapist who specializes in blended families.
  7. Celebrate yourself: Mothering Sunday is about celebrating motherhood, so don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself as a step mum. Acknowledge the hard work and dedication you put into your role as a parent, and celebrate the positive impact you’re having on your stepchildren’s lives.

Mothering Sunday can be a complicated day for step mums. By having open communication, respecting boundaries, creating new traditions, taking time for yourself, focusing on the positives, seeking support, and celebrating yourself, you can make the day special and meaningful. Remember that being a step mum is a challenging but rewarding journey, and that you deserve to be celebrated and appreciated on Mothering Sunday and every day.

If you feel you need support, consider working with a professional. A CET practitioner can assist you to release your painful emotions from the past so you are more emotionally and mentally resourceful you can read about our reCET Yourself programme by clicking here.

Dr Lisa Turner



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