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Stage 1 - Harmonizer

The first stage of evolution, known as the Harmonizer, is characterised by a strong inclination to maintain harmony, stability, and the status quo in one’s life.  

Individuals in this stage tend to accept their existing worldview without questioning it, often resisting any notions that challenge their beliefs.  

They may believe they have a complete understanding of how the world works, limiting their curiosity and personal growth.  

Despite potential unhappiness, Harmonizers may put on a brave face and settle for a life that feels predictable, all while avoiding self-reflection and change.  

This stage serves as a foundation for personal growth, as eventually, an awakening event triggers a desire for greater self-awareness and transcendence. 

Qualities of a Harmonizer 


Seek Harmony

Harmonizers strive to maintain harmony and stability in their lives. They prefer a world that aligns with their existing beliefs and models. 

Accept the Status Quo

At this stage, individuals tend to accept the status quo without questioning it. They may not even realize that there are questions to ask about their worldview. 

Resist Change

Harmonizers may resist change, often rejecting or ignoring anything that challenges their existing worldview. 

Limit Growth

Harmonizers may have a fixed rather than a growth mindset. This means they have a limited self view believing that they do not possess talents or abilities and that they cannot be learned. This leads them to settle for a life that may not be entirely satisfying. 

Struggle to receive feedback

Individuals at this stage might avoid self-reflection and find anything other than positive feedback difficult and painful because it challenges their perception of themselves. 

Put on a Brave Face

They may put on a brave face or mask their true feelings, even if they are unhappy, to maintain the appearance of stability. 

Content with Predictability

They find comfort in predictability and resist stepping out of their comfort zones. 

Fear of Change

There can be a fear of change, as the unknown may seem daunting or impossible to navigate. 

These qualities define the Harmonizer stage and highlight their tendencies to maintain the status quo and resist change until a triggering event awakens a desire for personal growth and self-transcendence. 

Limit Curiosity

Harmonizers often have limited curiosity about the world beyond their existing beliefs and models.

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Challenges of a Harmonizer 


Feeling Stuck 

It’s common to feel stuck in routines or situations that no longer fulfil you. This feeling can serve as a gentle nudge from within, encouraging you to explore new experiences and discover what truly brings you joy and satisfaction.

Not being true to yourself

Your desire to maintain harmony might sometimes lead you to suppress your thoughts and feelings. Remember that your authentic self deserves to be heard and acknowledged. Opening up to self-expression can lead to deeper connections and a stronger sense of self.

Frustration and Resentment

Constantly trying to keep things stable and in harmony can lead to the accumulation of unexpressed feelings or desires leading to frustration and resentment. Acknowledging your feelings of frustration or resentment is a positive step toward resolving inner conflicts. By addressing these emotions and seeking healthy outlets for them, you can experience greater peace and fulfilment.

Losing yourself

While striving for harmony is admirable, it can lead to you losing yourself. At what cost to your inner peace are you striving for outer peace?

Missed Opportunities

It’s wonderful that you prioritize stability, but consider that some opportunities can enhance your life without disrupting your sense of harmony. Exploring these opportunities may lead to rewarding experiences and personal growth and unimagined success.

Health Issues

The stress and emotional burden of constantly maintaining harmony can lead to physical and mental health issues if not managed effectively. Is your back sore with the burdens of the weight of keeping the peace? What can’t you stomach any more that is causing your digestion issues? Is that lump in your breast from overgrowth due to all the nurturing you are giving and giving and giving?


Remember that maintaining harmony should include caring for your own well-being. Prioritizing self-care can help you manage stress and maintain both your physical and mental health effectively.

Resisting Change

It’s completely natural to have a preference for stability and harmony. However, consider that change can also bring exciting new opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Embracing change doesn’t mean giving up your need for harmony; it means finding a balance that allows you to evolve while maintaining the peace you value.

Personal Growth 

While you cherish stability, personal growth doesn’t necessarily disrupt it. In fact, embracing opportunities for learning and development can enhance your life’s stability by empowering you to navigate changes with grace and resilience.


Your aversion to conflict might make problem-solving challenging, but it’s an opportunity to develop effective communication skills and find solutions that align with your values of harmony and understanding.

Suppression of Authenticity

You may suppress your authentic self in an effort to fit in or avoid conflict, resulting in a diminished sense of self-authenticity and self-acceptance.

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Tips to move from Harmonizer to Awakened


Give Yourself Permission to Dream

Start by allowing yourself to dream and envision a life beyond your current circumstances. Give yourself permission to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Question Your Beliefs

Begin questioning your existing beliefs and worldviews. Challenge assumptions you’ve held for a long time and be open to the idea that there may be more to learn and discover.

Seek New Experiences

Step out of your comfort zone and seek new experiences. Try things you’ve never done before, whether it’s travelling to new places, exploring different hobbies, or meeting new people.

Practice Mindfulness

Cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. This can help you become more attuned to your inner self. 

Read and Learn

Start reading books, articles, and resources that expand your knowledge and perspective. Seek out subjects that challenge your existing beliefs and encourage personal growth.

Surround Yourself with Diverse Perspectives

Engage with people who have different viewpoints and life experiences. Exposure to diverse perspectives can broaden your understanding of the world. 

Find out where you are in the Cycle of Transcendence HERE


Does a deeper, more holistic approach to inner work resonate with you? 

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