Certified CET Practitioner Training

Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET) is a powerful healing technique that clears in a matter of hours what other therapies take weeks or months to heal (if at all). 

Become A Certified CET Practitioner

CET Certification is a life-changing programme for practitioners, transformational coaches, therapists, and healers who want to go deeper and achieve better results in less time than other modalities. 
Imagine being able to help others in an empowering way while fully embodying the high-level visionary leader you know you’re meant to be.
Imagine being a part of raising consciousness on the entire planet.

Imagine going from struggling, underpaid coach or therapist to a successful CET Practitioner…

…where you command higher fees for creating faster, more profound transformation, becoming renowned for the healing you co-create for your clients and community.


CET Yourself Apart


You might be a coach, healer, therapist, or practitioner working with clients. 

You might be a therapist, NLP-er Hypnotherapist, a body worker, energy healer or something similar.

Or, you might be just beginning to work with clients or thinking of starting your healing practice.

Wherever you are in your journey, you have a gift to share.

Becoming a highly sought after coach/practitioner means you’ll need the tools to confidently and skillfully guide your clients to overcome resistance so they can achieve their desired goals. 

You’ll also need the skills to go deeper and serve your clients better. When you’re able to move your clients through blocks, resistance and limiting beliefs quickly, they become raving fans.

 When you become known in your industry for delivering outstanding results, attract new opportunities for visibility, and fill your calendar with ideal clients.

Kate had a £60,000 launch after completing CET!


I had the absolute pleasure of doing a CET session with Lisa back in May of 2020. At the time, I had been struggling with sales in my business since early in the year. I have a mostly ‘live event’ based business, so Covid 19 and the pandemic impacted my sales and business growth greatly.

I was feeling so discouraged and wanted to give up. This is a business I’ve been running for the past 5 years – and it’s not just a business; it’s my passion, my purpose, the love of my life. But things were HARD and I was worried I was going to have to shut the doors.

After going through Conscious Emotional Transformation, I magically re-connected with an old friend who offered to help me put together my first online masterclass. 

I felt more confident than ever, effortlessly put together the masterclass and attracted 140 women to attend it in less than a week!

Following the Masterclass…my sales started climbing. It ended up being a $60,000 + launch. My business is now THRIVING, and I couldn’t be happier. I am so grateful for the magical work of Conscious Emotional Transformation, it’s life changing.  – Kate

What is Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET)?


CET is a revolutionary emotional release and healing technology that enables you to release negative emotions such as anger, sadness fear, hurt and guilt without having to relive the pain.

CET permanently deletes limiting beliefs such as: I’m unworthy, I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable, I can’t learn…

…and any other limiting belief or block within hours…permanently.


Modalities We Use

The Powerful Fusion of Mind and Spirit

CET is a cutting-edge Psycho-Spiritual approach that will equip you to propel your clients towards unparalleled levels of high performance. While numerous techniques and therapies exist to release emotional energy, CET stands out as a comprehensive and transformative methodology that creates a dynamic synergy of both psychological and spiritual dimensions to enhance emotional resilience, mental clarity, and performance.

CET is the perfect balance of a Psycho-Spiritual approach that combines and draws from a number of disciplines, including: 


Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience Optimisation

Experiential Learning Psychology

Initiation into CET Intelligence

Linguistic Alchemy

Mindfulness Technique

Neuroscience Based Modalities

Spiritual Wisdom

Trauma Informed Practices


Eastern Mystery

Emotional Response Cycle

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Leadership & Facilitation

Masculine Feminine Energies

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Shamanic Principles

Transcendence and Flow States

Western Mystery

There are many healing techniques and therapies that release emotions and energy...
...they generally work in one of two ways:

1) Changing Thoughts And Behaviour By Working With Neurology:

2) Healing Which Focuses On Releasing Energy:

CET Releases The Energy AND The Emotion…At The Same Time

There are many healing techniques and therapies that release emotions and energy...
...they generally work in one of two ways:

1) Changing Thoughts And Behaviour By Working With Neurology:
2) Healing Which Focuses On Releasing Energy:

CET addresses both the energetic and neurological components of trauma and emotional pain from the past.

If a therapy changes the neurology without releasing the energy, the energy may cause the neurology to revert to the original problem state.

If a therapy releases the energy, but doesn’t change the thought processes that lead to that build-up of energy, the energy just builds up again over time.

In both cases the therapies work but are incomplete. The emotion can appear to either not be released completely or to return shortly after.

CET both repairs the neurology AND releases and re-balances energy.

As a result, the emotion is released and the problem is removed for good!


The results are deep, profound and permanent.


There Is Only One Emotion…Love


Rather than removing “negative” emotions, CET works from the principle that there is only one emotional energy, which we’ll call love.

You could also call it energy, chi, life-force, essence, prana or any other term you like. We’ll be using the words “love” or “energy.”

The next premise we work from is that you are an infinite being, with an infinite number of energy channels or neurological pathways. In an ideal state, love should flow freely and infinitely throughout your entire being.

Sometimes we experience a painful, unpleasant or traumatic event, during which a resistance or block is installed in our neurology. (There’s more to it than this but I’m simplifying here).

When one or more of your energy channels are blocked, damaged or constricted, energy can’t flow.

What you feel then is RESISTANCE to love.

This feeling of resistance is what we’ve been taught to label a “negative emotion.”

Many therapies focus on releasing congested energy…

…BUT what if you could release the resistance so that love can flow easily?

This is what CET does.

When you have the power of CET in your transformational toolbox…

 You’ll have everything you need to co-create massive shifts with your clients, become known for delivering epic results, and fill your calendar with referrals and new opportunities. 

conscious emotional transformation

As A Certified CET Practitioner You'll...

Deliver life-changing results quickly and permanently with CET. 

How It Works

The Certified CET Practitioner Training is delivered entirely virtually. 

We’ll meet weekly (90 mins to 2 hours) for instruction. Additional weekly practice sessions will be available as well. We hope you can make it live, but if not, all calls will be recorded and available in your portal.

You’ll be guided through the program via:


Pre-Recorded Videos

Live Q&A Sessions

Practice Sessions

A Private Online Forum

Group Coaching Sessions

You’ll be supported along the way with weekly practice sessions supervised by Dr. Lisa Turner and her team of Certified CET Coach Trainers so you can apply what you’ve learned and receive real time feedback.

What will I learn on the CET Certification Training?

CET Cert level 1: reCET Yourself: remove old patterns of resistance to unleash your poten

The first 6 weeks of our program (CET Level 1: reCET) are designed to allow you to experience for yourself the power and depth of transformation that’s possible for yourself and your clients.I’m going to personally walk you through exactly how you can clear any block to your success, at any time, in a matter of minutes (yeah, I know that sounds unbelievable, but when you go through it, you’ll know how this is possible).

The result?

Finally, you can fully embody the even higher-level visionary leader that you know you really are. This will give you that quantum leap to who you are and how people perceive you.

Finally, be a magnet to other high achievers, successful people who want to bathe in the starlight of your energy.

Finally, a clear path to exactly what you want to create in life. All your purpose-driven goals come true. Unshakable certainty. On demand.

Finally, a release to all the waste of time, energy and distractions, so you get better results faster.

During reCET Yourself, you will experience an undeniable spiritual activation into the energy of Highest Self and Highest-Level Frequency, making you a spiritual powerhouse.

CET Cert Level 2: Practitioner Training

Become a world-class expert in Transformation, Emotional Resilience and Consciousness In CETcert Level 2, you’ll learn all the components to work powerfully and confidently with clients in your chosen specialist field.

You’ll discover a remarkable collection of models that act as windows to unravel the mysteries of the mind, illuminate the depths of self-awareness, and provide invaluable insights into the world around us. These transformative models will serve as your guiding compass, arming you with powerful tools for your practice, enabling profound growth, and empowering you to make a lasting impact in the lives of others.

You’ll learn models including:

  • ● Unlock the Power of Emotional Transformation: Decoding the Emotional Response Cycle
  • ●    The Power of Perception: Developing Skills to Identify Trauma, Resistance, and Empowering Insights
  • ●    Awakening the Soul’s Potential: Embracing the Profound Laws of Spiritual Empowerment
  • ●    Unlocking the Gates of Transformation: Discovering the Levels of Change—Remedial or Generative
  • ●    The Path of Spiritual Awakening: Navigating Consciousness Levels and the Illuminating Three Mind Model
  • ●    Embrace the Fluidity of Four Coaching Depths for Seamless Transformation
  • ●    Enter the Zone: Mastering Flow States for Enhanced Performance and Transcendence for Profound Perspective Shifts
  • ●    Discover the FOUR depths of coaching and how to effortlessly flow through each level as your client needs.

You’ll be equipped with an array of techniques to access the wisdom within emotions, opening doors to profound personal transformation and empowering your clients’ growth.

  • ●    Tap into Emotional Depths safely and comfortably with a range of Powerful Tools and Techniques, including:
    ○     Somatic Intelligence
    ○     Breathwork
    ○     Movement & Body Wisdom
    ○     Guided Imagery, Meditations, Mindfulness
    ○     Explore Guided Practices to Enhance Emotional Connection, Clarity, and Resilience.
  • ●    Master the Alchemy of the Transcendent Field to Foster Authentic Relatedness and Deep Presence in Coaching
  • ●    Create a Compassionate Connection: Cultivate a Safe, Nurturing Space for Your Clients to Embrace Their Authenticity and reduce resistance
  • ●    Navigating Sensitive Terrain: Mastering Techniques to Safeguard Your Clients from Triggers, Retraumatization, and Unwanted Associations with Traumatic Memories.

Most transformational modalities, powerful though they may be, all too often fall short because they don’t realise they are trying to solve the symptom rather than the CAUSE.

  • ●    Identify the root cause: Learn to distinguish between symptoms and underlying causes, enabling you to address the true source of the problem for long-lasting transformation.
  • ●    Empower through questioning: Master powerful yet gentle questioning techniques to empower clients and guide them in uncovering the cause of their challenges.
  • ●    Bypass those looping stories: Acquire CET practitioner questioning skills to lovingly and compassionately help clients move beyond repetitive narratives, allowing them to release the past and achieve the desired results.
  • ●    Navigate the belief landscape: Discover how to effectively identify and uncover deeply ingrained limiting beliefs that are holding your clients back from reaching their full potential and discern them from what is deceptively empowering.
  • ●    Decode the language and energy of resistance: Gain expertise in deciphering the language and energy of resistance. When you know this, you can avoid most resistance and have the skills to navigate out of it.

Unlock the secret behind client lapses and resistance with CET – the groundbreaking coaching approach that will transform your practice. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to success as you learn the unparalleled premises that set CET apart from any other emotional clearing modality. Gain a profound understanding of how to harness these game-changing concepts and watch as your clients boldly embrace change. Prepare to have your mind blown!The CET Philosophy includes:

  • ●    Discover the Five Principles of Love: A Paradigm Shift from Traditional Concepts of Human Emotions.
  • ●    Discover a profound truth in CET: there is only one emotion, love. Uncover how resistance to love creates pain and blocks growth. Experience the transformative potential of this insight as you heal, overcome trauma, and expand beyond limits.
  • ●    Differentiate Coping Strategies from True Transformation: Master the Art of Genuine Change with CET.
  • ●    The crucial importance of sidestepping toxic positivity when it comes to navigating the brain’s inherent negativity bias.
  • ●    Transcend Dichotomies: Discover the Truth Beyond the Illusion of Negative Energy or Emotion, Embrace the Transformative Potential of Releasing Trapped Energy and Surrender to Love’s Unconditional Flow.

Unlock the power of consciousness to dissolve obstacles and access infinite potential.
Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it. CET elevates your thinking to a higher realm where problems dissolve effortlessly. No magic tricks, just a revolutionary concept rooted in quantum physics.
Just like matter and antimatter joining together, CET transports you and your client to a higher level of awareness, where problems vanish. In its place, a surge of energy is released within both you and your client, unleashing unprecedented motivation, ideas, and growth. Tap into this extraordinary state to conquer any challenge and create limitless opportunities.
Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • ●    Learn the Powerful Method to Achieve Quantum Collapse, Dissolving Problems and Opening the Path to Enlightenment.
  • ●    Anchor yourself in your own Highest-Level Frequency, so you show up confident… powerful… being the MAGNET for all outcomes you want to create.
  • ●    Access your own Higher Self, your personal holy guardian angel, opening you to wisdom across all dimensions, planes, spaces, times, levels of consciousness, and beyond.
  • ●    Transcend Boundaries: Harness the Power of the CET Intelligence beyond the Higher Self to Uncover Deeper Wisdom and Effortlessly Solve Complex Problems.
  • ●    Receive and interpret guidance and healing around topics such as soul purpose and accelerating your soul’s journey.
  • ●    Become a manifestation maestro, as you  release any “leftover” unconscious patterns of scarcity and finally EMBODY the Truth that abundance is unlimited.

Receive all the skills and materials you need to guide a client through the CET process from start to finish.
You’ll receive:

  • ●     The Structure of the full reCET process. Exactly what to say and do at every stage. The number, length and structure of each session to create a standalone, perfected program that virtually sells itself.
  • ●     The full CET script for use with Individuals.
    ●      CET script for group work. Working with groups is a little different and has a few extra risks. You’ll learn how to work with groups safely and effectively.
  • ●     Rapid release script. For use on the fly, when stuff comes up and you don’t need a full intervention.
  • ●      Intake forms. And how to use the information for client selection.
  • ●     Structure of the sessions, number of sessions, what happens in each session, home-play to give your client.
  • ●     A full step-by-step walk-through of the script. So you know exactly what to expect at each stage and how to handle and flow the energies through the sessions.
  • ●     Guidance for what to do when it goes “wrong” and how to get the client back on track.
  • ●     What NOT to do with your client to prevent them undoing all the good work.
  • ●      And more – essentially everything you need to ensure your client gets the result every time.

Bonus #1: reCET your business: How to incorporate CET into your Coaching practice. Including packages and programmes that virtually SELL themselves

Bonus #2: The CET Success Blueprint: A Practitioner’s Handbook with Solutions, Strategies, Scripts and Steps for over 74 Client Issues

Bonus #3: CET Client Launchpad: We will even help you find your first 3 clients!

Curriculum And Certification




In this bonus you will learn the fundamentals necessary to start or grow your professional CET practice and…

…how to exactly explain what you do as a CET practitioner that will make it easy for your ideal clients or prospects to easily raise their hands and say yes to working with you.


– Our powerful yet elegantly simple scripts for use with individual clients and groups that combines both the energetic and neurological component to release trauma and negative emotions from the past

– A “Rapid Release” script for use when a full intervention isn’t needed

-The exact templates, intake and onboarding forms we use at CETfreedom

– Everything you need to begin using CET in your coaching business or practice

Meet Dr. Lisa Turner, Creator of CETfreedom

Lisa developed CET to help her release trauma and rebuild her own neurology as a result of being traffiked and kept as a house prisoner for five years in her teens by a paedophile. 

With a PhD in mathematical modelling, Lisa applied scientific rigor with her studies in spiritual teachings with other healing modalities to harness the power of neuroplasticity. 

Combining the scientific and spiritual, Lisa created CET, which enables you to remove past trauma from the source AND rebuild your nervous system to create a strong foundation for growth.

Now, Lisa’s sharing the life-changing power of CET with the world through CETcert Practitioner Certification Training, teaching others to help their clients heal trauma and emotional pain, access their highest spiritual self, and raise consciousness on the entire planet. 


Conscious Emotional Transformation can be used to release all and any emotional pain from the past whether you might label it as “trauma” or just an unhappy or negative event.

CET is certainly very powerful, and a revolutionary emotional release technology does, however, have its limitations:

The client must be completely willing to release the emotions. CET can only release what the client is aware of. CET cannot remove symptoms, the cause of the problem without identification through questioning. Release the cause and the symptoms disappear.

CET does require the full participation of the client. They must actively participate and follow the instructions. CET cannot be done passively by the client. The client must remain conscious, willing, and play an active role in the process.

CET doesn’t work if the client is unwilling to change.

CET cannot release problems that are ongoing. For example if the client’s negative emotions are because they are in an unhappy situation, their emotions are there to let them know there is some action to take to change their life.

No. CET Certification training is a standalone training. You’ll learn everything you need become a Certified CET Practitioner through Levels 1 and 2. 

Practitioners who get the best results from the Certified CET Practitioner Program are: 

– Willing and able to invest in yourself (without putting yourself or your family at financial risk)

– Willing to honour the oaths and confidentiality of the lineage in all directions. This includes group conversations and some techniques you will experience and learn.

– Actively examining your unconscious biases and seeking new perspectives – including being anti-racist, and pro-LGBTQ+ with the goal of equality and empowerment for all 

– You’re ready to take action (and do the work!) to get results

– Committed to taking 100% responsibility for your outcomes and results

If you’re ready to fully embody your leadership and healing potential, live your soul’s purpose AND guide others to live their fullest, most empowered, and abundant lives…CET Certification is for YOU.

No, there is no exam, but there is a supervised assessment process to receive final certification as well as submitting 3 case studies for review. 

Hmm. Sounds like there’s a limiting belief in there somewhere. That would be perfect to bring to CET!

It might be! During CET Level 1 (ReCET Yourself) you will experience profound self-healing using these techniques first-hand. 

We find that those who understand the process on a personal level are able to release and heal to an even deeper level with greater ease, and assist clients with greater transformation.

You can join CET Level 1 (ReCET Yourself) and decide later if you’d like to upgrade to the Certified CET Practitioner programme. 

Most students allow for 2-4 hours per week for training calls, study, and practice.

Only you will know what’s right for you, however, the beauty and power of CET is that the clearing work increases the amount of energy you have available, and the initiation enables you to access even more Source energy. Most students find the CET training highly energising!

Become Unshakeable In Your Skills And Leadership

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