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In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world, anxiety has become all too common with millions struggling to regain control over their lives and emotions. Characterized by persistent feelings of worry, fear, and unease, anxiety can disrupt daily life and take a significant toll on mental and emotional well-being.  

Symptoms of anxiety include: 

  • Feelings of fear, dread, or uneasiness 
  • Feeling restless, wound up, on edge. 
  • Headaches, muscle aches, stomach-aches, or unexplained pains 
  • Difficulty controlling feelings of worry. 
  • Sleep problems including, trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. 
  • Feeling fatigued 
  • Trouble concentrating 
  • Irritability 

Causes of anxiety

Broadly speaking, there are essentially two causes of anxiety – performance anxiety and generalised anxiety. 

Performance anxiety  

Performance anxiety is associated with a specific event in the future, such as exam, test, presentation, or a social event. There are two reasons our unconscious minds trigger these feelings.  

The first is quite useful. The anxiety can be a sign that we need to do a little more practice, training, or preparation. Indeed, high performers use their anxiety as a motivational driver. They use the signal to get them into action, to complete a project on time, to improve or better themselves. They utilise the cocktail of activating neurotransmitters produced by anxiety to drive their performance up. Rather than trying to eradicate it, they harness it. 

It’s a big myth that always feeling totally calm and peaceful is the ideal state to aim for at all times. High performers know that feeling calm and at peace is helpful sometimes, but other times we need to get into action, and low-grade anxiety can be turned into alertness, readiness and give you the perfect state for high performing focus. Of course, it’s undesirable if your anxiety is so high that you become paralysed and are unable to perform, but it’s also unhelpful to always be so relaxed that you can’t be bothered to take any action or become apathetic. 

The other cause of performance anxiety results from a lack of confidence. It’s possible to have the skills, abilities and knowledge but not fully believe in yourself or your abilities.  

This is where CET comes in. CET can delete limiting beliefs almost instantly, leaving you feeling focussed, powerful, confident, and capable. Not only will you be able to learn more skills, you will be able to access them with ease when you need them.  

The addition of future visualisation techniques can enable you to vividly imagine yourself performing well. This is a form of unconscious-mind priming which research shows to be very effective and sets you up for success. Your CET practitioner can guide you through this in your session.  

Generalised anxiety

Generalised anxiety is a longer-term condition and, rather than being anxious about specific event or situation, the sufferer feels generally anxious about almost anything and everything.  

This form or anxiety is often caused by past trauma. Whether it be childhood trauma, neglect, abuse or being in a threatening environment. 

This leads to the kind of anxiety that is almost never helpful. The sufferer goes into fight, flight, freeze or fawning. They become hypervigilant, perceiving almost anything as a potential threat. 

This can be further compounded by the onset of severe panic attacks at unpredictable moments and usually at the worst possible time.  

This kind of anxiety is very easily resolved with CET. 

Firstly, the CET practitioner gently and compassionately finds the sources of the trauma. This doesn’t require any reliving of past traumatic events, as the source is identified at the somatic level.  

Once the root cause has been identified, the CET practitioner guides the client to repair the neurology and remove every remnant of the trauma at a deeply unconscious level.  

Finally, the client is guided to install new neurological connections that lead to new strategies, behaviours, beliefs, and patterns that run automatically, so that any time they are needed they will simply activate.  

It’s this last part that CET does really well and which is extremely useful. This installation increases emotional resilience, which has been shown to be even more important than intelligence for success in all areas of life.  

Fear doesn’t always keep you safe.

Many people mistakenly believe that their fear keeps them safe. When, in fact, the opposite is usually true. Fear usually leads to hypervigilance, which in turn causes people to erroneously focus on minor inconsequential threats, which then causes them to miss very real dangers that might be right in front of them. For example, the person who is so anxious about an upcoming meeting and fails to notice the traffic and inadvertently steps into traffic! 

CET resets the neurology to its previously untraumatized state, and it does so while preserving all the experience, learnings and wisdom that can be gained from past challenges. As a result, after somebody has experienced a reCET, they no longer feel the helpful fear and anxiety, and instead are significantly more resourceful and prepared. 

Dr Lisa Turner



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