Experience Deep Healing And Faster Emotional Release With CET

Remove the barriers to your growth – including emotional trauma and blocks – in a matter of hours, where other modalities take months or years (if ever) to clear.

What’s Your Emotional Resilience Celestial Power?

Learn how to harness your unique Celestial Power to calm your mind, regulate your emotions and meet life’s challenges with strength and confidence.

Find The Root Cause Of Resistance And Release It...For Good

Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET) is a unique and powerful process that targets the source of emotional pain and removes it, creating new pathways for greater emotional resilience.

CET is the bridge to discovering your personal power while maximizing energetic flow states for higher performance.

Confidently Support Clients Through Life-Changing Transformation

Facilitating profound and lasting results (quickly) is the best form of marketing for coaches, healers, and practitioners.  

Whether you’re curious about becoming a practitioner or are already a rockstar healer, you MUST develop the skills to help your clients get epic results and achieve their biggest goals. 

Our CET Certified Practitioners are highly sought out for their ability to skillfully guide their clients through resistance so they can reach their purpose-driven goals faster. 

Be, Do, and Have More
of What You Desire

Imagine the “upper limit” breakthroughs, abundance, and joy you’ll experience when painful emotions and blocks no longer hold you back from what you want.

Experience the life-changing potency of CET firsthand during our 6 week group coaching programme: reCET Yourself.

Meet Dr. Lisa Turner, Founder and Creator of CET

Most Loved Blog Posts

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Elevating Consciousness Through Love

Our mission is to revolutionise how people experience emotions by elevating consciousness without judgement or dogma.

CETfreedom is the much-needed space many people crave to explore their unconscious minds. 

Locked away in that space, we find the secrets to resetting our lives and finally leaning into a joyful life.

Read more about Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET), Dr. Lisa’s personal story, and more in our resources library and Dr. Lisa’s published books.

The Best Experience Ever

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Dr Lisa Turner

Your Coaching Practice Analysis

As a coach, are you amongst the best… or the rest? Find out how your practice stacks up with our smart evaluation tool.

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