Elevating Consciousness with the gentle alchemy of Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET)

Discover your current level of Emotional Resilience and how to harness your unique Celestial Power to calm your mind, regulate your emotions and meet life’s challenges with greater confidence and strength.

Experience CET

Clear blocks, negative emotions and limiting beliefs getting in the way of your success with a month FREE in CETfree Group Coaching 

An incredibly powerful process that uses psycho-spiritual technology, it enables you to release all negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past that are holding you back

Who We Are

Our mission is to revolutionise how people experience their emotions by elevating consciousness.

CETfreedom is the much-needed space that so many people crave to explore their unconscious minds.  Locked away in that space, we find the secrets to resetting our lives and finally leaning into a joyful life.

Supporting Coaches

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What’s Your Emotional Resilience Celestial Power?

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The Best Experience Ever

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Dr Lisa Turner

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