Four signs you are not living your true purpose

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

World renowned visionary, author, high-performance mindset trainer for coaches to elevate skills, empower clients to achieve their maximum potential

We are all born with a unique purpose. Most people have never identified their purpose and have spent their entire lives living out other people’s purposes. They don’t even realise they are doing this, and they end up feeling unfulfilled.

Often we spend years wondering what it is that we are supposed to do. This leads to feeling lost and confused about our existence on this planet, constantly searching for clues as to why we feel unhappy about our lives, or what could be done differently in order to make the changes we want to see.

There’s something missing

If you’re feeling like something is missing in your life, it’s because it is!

You have done everything you were supposed to do: finish school, get a job, find love, get married, have kids; but still something feels off. You’ve been working hard all your life and yet there’s still this void that needs to be filled.

You dread going to work

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend working? I mean, behind sleep, work accounts for the most time we spend doing something in our lives. So even if you just dislike it, you’re still spending a large part of your lifetime settling for something you know you’re not meant to be doing.

The work you do has so much effect on the rest of your life. It can affect the quality of your relationships with friends and family members—and even your own sense of self-worth.

Playing it safe

You want something more but are afraid of the uncertainty. You’re saying no to opportunities that are presented to you because you’re afraid of leaving the comfort zone.

Maybe you’re afraid of what might happen if you take a risk and go for something new. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

You envy others

From the outside, it seems like other people have it all together. They have more money and better jobs, bigger houses, and nicer cars. They live in places you’ve always dreamed of visiting, and they go on amazing vacations every year. If you find yourself jealous of others’ success, it’s because of what their success represents.


If you feel you’re not living your true purpose, you don’t need to beat yourself up about it. It can be easy to ignore the signs.

Our purpose, our true purpose, comes from a place of expansion and growth.

It comes from a place of feeling fundamentally okay, feeling fundamentally well, good and happy.

Often, the problem isn’t finding your life’s purpose, the problem is often believing you can live it.

Maybe you always thought you didn’t have a purpose.

Maybe you were told to keep quiet.

You may have closed yourself off from fear of what others thought about you.

Here at CETFreedom we know a thing or two about following a purpose, regardless of what others think; CET was born using scientific methods and goes BEYOND traditional wisdom.

We have helped 1000s of clients reach their potential, finding their purpose, living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Big Love

Dr Lisa Turner


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