The ‘One Good Thing’ movement

Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner

A renowned visionary, author, channel, and master spiritual teacher, who has shared her proven spiritual technology with over 30,000 spiritual practitioners worldwide.

Have you noticed that a lot of personal development has focused on getting stuff?

“Get this THEN be Happy”.

Add to this the idea that you start with the “fake it till you make it” idea.

Or pretend you’re happy till you get the thing.

So that you can get the thing.

Think happy thoughts so you can manifest a Ferrari. Because apparently that’s what the world needs – more people with more Ferraris.

But what if we have this wrong? Or at least backwards?

You see, all this ‘Get the thing then be happy’ mindset leads to some obvious outcomes.

Your internal happiness is dependent on external events, circumstances and objects.

But what if, rather than focusing on HAVE-ing more things, events, outcomes, results,

What if we focus on the BE-ing?

On who we are.
On how we make others feel.
Or on doing.

Not on the doing your bucket list of fancy experiences.
But on the doing things that make a difference.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of self-care. Saying NO to taking care of grown-ass adults, who would like to be lazy and get you to do stuff, is important too. Not only for your sanity, but for THEIR own growth and so that they take personal responsibility.

But what if more of our attention was on those tiny things that we do that make a BIG difference.

Things like:

  • • The text to a friend sent.
  • • The cup of tea made.
  • • The lift given.
  • • The errand run.

The words of encouragement uttered. It never ceases to amaze me how little encouragement people need! Or how little support can make a huge difference.

What if we all did three small good things every day?

Things that take only a little effort but make a huge impact on others.

And maybe some days we could do one big thing that would make a big difference.

Sometimes the thing you might do, might be a thing for YOU. I’m not just talking the bubble bath with candles. I mean the thing that moves you towards being better.

  • Write a page of that book.
  • Make that one post about your business offering.
  • Make just one call to a potential client.
  • Go for that walk to help your health.
  • Choose that healthier snack. Just for today.

Let’s start BEING a higher version of ourselves.

And start DOING One good thing.

Join me in the One Good Thing movement.

Let’s do one good thing a day to support, assist, inspire.

Let’s start BE-ing the higher version of yourself.

With love,

Dr Lisa Turner


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