Real Results From Past Clients

Jodie Liggett

My year as a student of Lisa was the most transformational of my life. I am buzzing with excitement for the future. I have lived through the amazing impact that Lisa has had on me, and the point in the beginning was to do this for myself. Now I can look beyond that and know that there is so much more. I feel I have so much more learning to do, which I absolutely love, and I have so much more to offer too. Lisa is the real deal, the best, I knew it on the first event I went to. All that I believe in and more is put together in a structured and planned way to expand and grow and empower the whole of humanity, earth and beyond. That is the most important mission there is ! I love all the esoteric learnings, and I love the way it has opened me up to love. I love the trust that has grown and the community and the energetic bonds.

Sue Linwood

As a student, I love the fact that you can see the changes in yourself on every stage of the journey. It is life-changing and transformational. I love the fact that you constantly interact with like-minded people and everybody supports each other in a kind and loving way. With Lisa, I truly believe in her training, and I believe my participation will fulfil my dream to help people grow and awaken spiritually. The planet needs more spiritually awakened people to take the planet forward to the Highest Good of all and Lisa is dedicated to doing that.

Kelly Nash

The work and effort by Lisa that has gone into creating her courses are by far the most extraordinary learnings I’ve been taught. What makes the training special is that it is unique and supportive beyond measure. What do I love most about the programme? I can’t really pick just one thing. The teachings are exceptional, I like the coaching calls and Lisa is profoundly knowledgeable. I have learnt a great deal so far, and I know I will continue for many years to learn from this extraordinary woman and reinvent myself to be my greatest version. At the three-day event and in the course of my training, I got to know some of the tutors. I’ve never met such loving and inspiring people in all my life. All the tutors are remarkably balanced, happy and empowering, as Lisa is, in the wonderful work she does investing in people in order to create their empowerment. Mostly though, I suppose I have loved being a part of likeminded people on a journey to create a better and more fulfilling life.

angela collier

Angela Collier

Lisa’s mission is to help others evolve and be the best they can be. She provides training and a safe place to evolve. Lisa is also showing people the truth of what and how they can evolve. The training is strong and powerful in a safe way.


Shefton Somersall Weekes

In a world of endless possibility, it is heart-warming to know and have experienced an organisation with a heart that remains true to its ideals and actively aims to create the shift in society, one person at a time, that reflects the understanding of serving the greater good. What I love most is the bonds that are created with your fellow students as we each journeyed upon the road of self-discovery. Looking to the left and looking to the right of us, we knew that whatever the distance we were in it together.

Dianna Bonner

For me, consciousness is the most important aspect of life, and I feel that Lisa’s teachings are making a positive impact, and helping others to awaken for the highest good of all. As a student, I’m enjoying making a positive impact on humanity, working with like-minded people and community, following my why, and raising consciousness for the highest good of all. The community, the love and the learning!

Shanta Varsani

Oh my God, its been amazing. I have changed so much and learnt so much, mostly from a deeper understanding and knowledge of the 3 minds and how they influence our every emotion and action. The surface stuff was no longer an issue for me as I have worked extensively on my self development for many years. Each modality I have learnt has built on the last. Having said that, Lisa has created a profound change as she has challenged me to dive deeper into the root cause of the issues, rather than surface superficial self-discoveries. I just have so much gratitude for the fun and growth and evolution.  Thank you Lisa for holding the door open for me to walk/step into my path and purpose. 

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I saw the free workshop afternoon with Lisa in January 2020 and signed up for it as soon as I saw it on Facebook. I then received links to some videos which I started watching. I remember Lisa talking about addiction and when she mentioned smoking, which I did, (like a trooper!!) something clicked but it was very subtle. The next time I smoked (probably a couple of minutes after that video, if not during) I remember thinking how disgusting that tasted and after I just lit up less and less. There was no panic, like you feel when you decide to give up, and no urge to have the next cigarette. I did still buy a packet (to avoid that panic) but found that it lasted longer and longer and now, I don’t even think about it anymore. The last packet I bought has been on my window sill for the last three months, at least, and every time I see it, I seem to be surprised like: what’s THAT doing here??? It’s amazing and I LOVE it. People ask me what happened to make me stop and the only thing I could think of answering is/was: Lisa happened!!

Rosa Wellspring

I think what I find most valuable in the training are the constant need to practice and being practitioner that’s built into the program – I have found that really helpful. I also find with all the practice sessions generally, and the calls, that the support is really great and of course the material each part of the material gives me a slightly different view of myself and another tool to use with clients so it’s all great. One of the biggest things that has changed for me recently is feeling a sense of confidence in myself as a practitioner which is something really new for me and is wonderful. I used to have a lot of fear around being a practitioner but I now feel that I get a lot of pleasure from the sessions I’ve done as a practitioner. I feel that I am allowing more and more pleasure and things that I want to have in my life and I feel a greater sense of possibility in my life. I find that I am enjoying learning, which is also a wonderful revelation for me because I didn’t really enjoy the work at the beginning, but I now find it really interesting to find out about myself and about other people. For the first time in my life I feel I have the confidence to be a practitioner to actually allow that possibility into my mind which is very exciting and I have a strong sense of the pleasure and satisfaction in that relationship with clients

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